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Depression is evidence for your thirst for God

Refer to this article- Christian Self-Help for Depression, Despair, and Hopelessness! (Click on the link)

The moment we face various problems in our lives, we tend to sink in fear/doubt/worry/anxiety, depression, despair, hopelessness, etc. (we become mentally imprisoned). How does faith come to you in order to set you free? By hearing God's word. This means that you need to go to the Bible and read it and be reminded of how God has worked in the past in the lives of others (who became heroes) whenever you start sinking in fear/doubt/worry/anxiety. Personally, I have to be reminded constantly everyday as I find my faith not strong enough at this point in my life. Refer to Hebrews chapter 11 for a quick summary of the heroes of faith. What made them heroes? God. Without God, they were weak. They placed their faith in God and this allowed God to work though them (it's like a lock and key mechanism). Faith is the key to unlocking God's power. Without faith, you can't unlock the greatest force in existence (God's power). One of the central themes in the Bible is faith! Jesus himself asked how many people would have faith when He returns. God values faith because it is the only way we can know Him and have His power working in our lives. When you face situations in life which demand faith in God to pull you though, remember to see it as your training to become a spiritual superhero. God allows such situations to occur in our lives so that we can develop our faith and subsequently become spiritual superheroes of faith.

Remember that enduring pain and despair is what makes you really powerful. Inflicting pain onto someone else is easy, but enduring pain is what requires tremendous strength. You (the reader) have that potential in you. You just have to find it in yourself and unleash it. I speak from my own experience. I have been tormented at the hands of evil people (sociopaths) many times and for many years. You can't change such people (as they are sick in their heads and sociopaths have a low cure rate), and it's also easy to give up on yourself because of that. The only thing you can do is show yourself and others the power to resist and endure. If no one else believes in you, know that I believe that you can (I'm an anonymous person who has gone through his share of torment and hardships). If I have been able to endure since this long, you can too! Never give up on yourself! That's how your enemies win. You win by enduring! When you find yourself depressed and in despair because of problems you face in this world, learn to see the pain from that making you much stronger than before. Eventually, you'll start seeing the pain from your problems wearing off (as they reach their threshold) and you feeling much stronger. I've had moments where Satan and his demons have tried to bring back painful memories in order to torment me. Instead of trying to make my mind run away from those memories, I told them to "keep bringing the pain, you're only making me stronger." They hate the idea of you becoming stronger, and so they'll back off. Of course, they'll return again to see if they can knock you down psychologically (when they think you're psychologically off guard), but you gradually learn how to psychologically fight them and use their weapons against them (turning pain inflicted on you into your own strength).

Remember this truth also- God has raised us up with Jesus Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus (refer to Ephesians 2:6-7). Each of us (genuine believers) compose the Body of Christ. Jesus Christ is now the King of kings and Lord of lords (He outranks every human leader on earth as well as every ruler in the spiritual realm). Hence, we are able to share in His power, glory, and dominionThis requires us to be humble and respect both human and spiritual authorities. True power (i.e. spiritual power) is not about having bodyguards/Secret Service agents, a powerful military at your disposal, political power, economic power, etc. (which empower human political leaders). True power is all about humility, servant-hood, love, and self-control. This is what was seen in Jesus Christ while He was on earth. He set the example of what true leadership and power is about and that's why He's been exalted/promoted by God the Father as the King of kings and Lord of lords. It's in contrast to the narcissistic sociopathy (consisting of conceit and domination) seen in human leaders today. I challenge you to practice this spiritual type of true power in your earthly life (ex. school, college, workplace, church, etc.) and see how God will lift you up in due time if you would only humble yourself. Satan and his demons like to make us think we're weak and not significant (a nobody) unless we have roles of power and influence on earth. These are lies as part of their psychological warfare. Don't be deceived by them. They love to create strife between humans by doing such vile and shrewd things. Through Christ, you have authority over Satan and his demons in their evil agendas against you. Through Christ, you are also seated along with Him at the right hand of God the Father. Thus, no human nor any spiritual being (besides God) outranks you. Learn to take advantage of that blessing so that you conquer every problem you face on this earth (refer to Luke 10:17-19). Exercise the authority and power you receive from Christ to conquer and remove all of your problems in life. Demonic spirits are responsible for attacking you with fear, anxiety, depression, covetousness, lust, envy, hatred, etc. Whenever you face such negative thoughts, learn to recognize that it is Satan and his demons working through the world around you to attack you with their spiritual flaming arrows designed to destroy you mentally/spiritually. In order to defend against their spiritual/psychological weapons, you must take up the armor of God (refer to Ephesians 6:10-18). You need the "shield of faith" to defend against the fiery darts of fears/doubts/worry/anxiety. As your offensive weapon, you also need the "Sword of the Spirit" which is the word of God (Scripture aka the Holy Bible) to fight back against Satan, his demons, and the evil people in this world they use to attack your mind (it's psychological warfare). When you are tormented by any negative thought, the Body of Christ is being attacked also. Remind evil spirits of that truth. That should instill fear in them as they are messing with Christ's body. Hence, when they try to instill fear in you, you can instill fear back in them as they all fear God. Their main strategy is trying to throw you off balance continuously by taking your mind off of God. Our tendency is for us to sink in fear even when we think we are standing strong in God. If you sink in fear, it means you're not standing strong in God as you lack faith. You fight fear and depression with faith. Thus, if you want to remain unshakable, you must have an unshakable faith even when Satan, his demons, and the world around you tries to instill fear in you (think of it as them throwing objects of fear at you but you standing fast by faith and knocking down everything they throw at you). Demonic spirits/rulers also influence humans around you to be evil towards you to create problems in your life. You want to experience real divine power against your spiritual enemies? Make them submit to YOU in the name of Jesus Christ.

Refer to the example of Paul and Silas when they were wrongfully imprisoned (Acts 16:16-40).

If interested, please also check out the following songs ("Firm Foundation" by Jamie Harvill and Nancy Gordon; "Friends in high places" by Hillsong; "All things are possible" by Hillsong; and "Lord I need You" by Chris Tomlin) below on Youtube as well as my other posts on this blog. Remember that you have a Friend and Father in Heaven (God). When you have no one else in this world to help you, God will be there to help you if you will come to Him by faith. One of the best ways to overcome the devil's deception of depression, despair and hopelessness is by by praying and singing songs to God. It invites God to unleash His power to deliver you no matter what you are facing (refer to the example of Paul and Silas imprisoned in Acts 16:16-40). Worship God only and give Him thanksThis will prevent your mind from becoming dark, confused (refer Romans 1:21-24), and enslaved to sin. Jesus also emphasized much on inner purity today which even many Christians (i.e. carnal Christians) ignore today. Our psychological and spiritual power to succeed against sin and the ability to succeed in our education/careers starts with taming our thoughts (refer to Mark 7:20-23). Many times, I've wished that I could be like the Jedi who were empowered by the Force in the fictional universe of Star Wars. God helped me realize that He is the real Force (power) that exists today and He wants to empower us. Thus, take heart (be encouraged) by the truth that the Holy Spirit can empower you to overcome everything you face in life (ex. sins, problems which seem impossible to overcome) if you will allow Him to come and live in you (refer to John 14:15-17).

Mark 7:20-23 (NLT):
"And then he added, “It is what comes from inside that defiles you. 21 For from within, out of a person’s heart, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, 22 adultery, greed, wickedness, deceit, lustful desires, envy, slander, pride, and foolishness. 23 All these vile things come from within; they are what defile you.”

Lyrics to "All things are possible" by Hillsong:

Almighty God, my Redeemer
My Hiding Place, my Safe Refuge
No other name like Jesus
No power can stand against You.

My feet are planted on this Rock
And I will not be shaken
My hope- it comes from You alone
My Lord and my salvation.


Your praise is always on my lips
Your word is living in my heart
And I will praise You with a new song
My soul will bless You, Lord
You fill my life with greater joy
Yes, I delight myself in You
And I will praise You with a new song
My soul will bless You, Lord.


When I'm weak
You make me strong
When I'm poor, I know I'm rich
For in the power of Your name
All things are possible
All things are possible
All things are possible
All things are possible

The song above has such wonderful truths which serve as reminders for us when we feel like we're sinking because of the problems we face in life. Remember though that none of those problems and it's effects like anxiety, depression, fear, despair, hopelessness can stand against God! We need God to overcome all of those things in our lives.

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