The destructive effects of sin excusing doctrines/ideologies

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear's Pastor: Drunkenness Not Sin, Homosexuality Up for 'Interpretation' (Click on link)

It's sad when "professing Christians" don't stand up against carnal practices/behavior in the secular world (like government). Many Christians are ready to point fingers at the government for opening the door to Satan in influencing them in making immoral policies that go against the word of God. However, many among those same group of Christians (who claim to be conservatives) will turn a blind eye to their own sin (like sociopaths) and try to justify it with their sin excusing doctrines/ideologies (like Calvinism/OSAS/unconditional eternal security, imputed righteousness, etc.). Thus, they are liberals at heart in regards to sin and they themselves are guilty of opening the door to Satan in their churches. If other Christians (genuine believers) challenge the carnal practices in their churches today, such churches will persecute/turn against people who challenge them and their demonic doctrines (I've experienced this myself). Such "Christian" sociopaths are cooperating with Satan to destroy churches and nations altogether. Just like the article I shared before regarding the prophetic vision of two rivers, many Christians today are eating from the rotten fruit and drinking from the polluted water (containing the pollutants of humanism, universalism, carnality, lust/sexual immorality, compromise, greed, fear of man, etc.) and thereby have become spiritually dead. They don't endure sound doctrine. They rather listen to what pleases their itching ears- any teaching which is derived by misinterpreting/distorting/misapplying/misquoting/abusing Scripture and God's grace to excuse ongoing sin.
Thus, it shouldn't be a surprise when "Christian" leaders in public office don't uphold the word of God nor defend their fellow brothers and sisters in the midst of persecution. The same demonic spirits who have propagated false teachings (sin excusing doctrines) in the churches are also influencing leaders in public office today. They are trying to get everything in their control so that nothing will oppose them in establishing their demonic new world order. Like I said before, whatever churches sow, they will reap.