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Baptist minister (preacher) cooperating with Satan in the antinomian/lawlessness war against God

One of the plaintiffs that wanted the Ten Commandments display removed was a Baptist minister (preacher) (I’m a Christian Minister, and Here’s Why I Opposed Oklahoma’s Official Ten Commandments Display). That doesn't surprise me one bit as antinomian Christians have been removing God's commandments from churches and instead promoting licentiousness for centuries now, so it shouldn't be a surprise when such Christians also work to have them removed from the secular world.

In contrast, Pastor Franklin Graham wrote recently that we need God's commandments in order for society to prosper (Franklin Graham Compares Removing Ten Commandments In The US To ISIS Destroying Christian Churches).

Evangelicals seem to be confused on what they want these days (love/justify sin or obey God?; do we get rid of God's commandments or do we need them?).
However, I think God is showing his wrath at rebellion against Him through what He does around us (4.4 Earthquake Strikes Oklahoma Saturday Morning Felt In Wichita, Oklahoma City, And Tulsa).

Jeremiah 10:10 (NLT):
"But the LORD is the only true God. He is the living God and the everlasting King! The whole earth trembles at his anger. The nations cannot stand up to his wrath."

The state of America today-
 "Christian ministers (preachers)" are working to get rid of God and His commandments from the secular world. Many Americans don't mind getting a dose of atheism and the theory of evolution shoved down their throats in schools and other places. They despise hearing anything about God as it probably causes cognitive dissonance within them, so they embrace anything else which pleases their itching ears. Some schools have even banned the Ten Commandments but have no problem in propagating Muslim theology and prayers in schools. True Christianity (involving a change in behavior instead of a dead faith) is despised by carnal "Christians" and by many non-Christians. Whoever preaches repentance/change of behavior is hated by both carnal Christians and non-Christians (showing their own sociopathy in the process).
Sociopaths invite evil on themselves (they invite their own destruction). They just don't realize that they invite their own destruction from the ultimate sociopath, the Antichrist, who will come to destroy them in the future.

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