Popularity and theology degrees aren't reliable factors/criteria to determine who is a true teacher of God's word

Day after day, popular Bible teachers are getting exposed. It's a lesson that you can only fully rely on the Holy Ghost to teach you God's word. Man is one of the most deceptive creatures on earth when Satan and his demons work through them.
Popular pre-trib rapture teacher John Hagee (from what I've heard regarding a statement he made on a radio program in the past, who supposedly doesn't believe in OSAS/unconditional eternal security- a good thing if that is true about him) has made some questionable/alarming statements regarding the identity of Jesus Christ.

John Hagee- "I’m delighted to present my latest book, “In Defense of Israel.” This book will expose the sins of the fathers in the vicious abuse of the Jewish people. “In Defense of Israel” will shake Christian theology. It Scripturally proves that the Jewish people, as a whole, did not reject Jesus as Messiah. It will also prove that Jesus did not come to Earth to be the Messiah. It will prove that there was a Calvary conspiracy between Rome, the high priest and Herod to execute Jesus as an insurrectionist too dangerous to live. Since Jesus refused by word and deed to claim to be the Messiah, how can the Jews be blamed for rejecting what was never offered?…" (end quote)

Pastor Dan Corner has written regarding this on his blog- how Pastor Hagee's teaching is refuted by Scripture (John Hagee- "In Defense of Israel").

I hope pre-trib teachers like Pastor Hagee and everyone else recognize the errors regarding their erroneous teachings. I have been blessed by some of Pastor Hagee's teachings and also his testimony in the past. I hate it when I see erroneous teachings from such people who have the potential to be great witnesses for God.
Regarding the pre-trib rapture theory, I can only refer supporters of this erroneous teaching to Revelation 22:18. The pre-trib rapture theory is an extra-Biblical teaching. It is not clearly taught in the Book of Revelation nor anywhere else in the Bible.

Revelation 22:18 (NLT):
"And I solemnly declare to everyone who hears the words of prophecy written in this book: If anyone adds anything to what is written here, God will add to that person the plagues described in this book."

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