Pre-trib rapture theory vs Post-trib rapture view

An excellent series on understanding the end times Bible prophecy of the return of Jesus Christ. It helps to understand the weaknesses of the pre-tribulation rapture theory and why Scripturally, the post-tribulation rapture view makes sense instead.

(1). The return of Christ: Keeping the main thing the main thing

(2). Millennial match-up

(3). More on the millennium

(4). Rapture 101

(5). Examining the pre-trib rapture: Israel and the Church

(6). Examining the pre-trib rapture: Removed or Protected?

(7). Examining the pre-trib rapture: Is the rapture imminent?

(8). Examining the pre-trib rapture: Assorted claims

(9). The post-trib rapture

(10). Locusts and dragons and beasts, oh my! (Or the Great Tribulation)

(11). “Pleased to meet you . . .” (Introducing the Antichrist)

(12). The return of Christ: Odds and ends

Other links from other resources:
(1). The Difference Between Tribulation and Wrath- In this link, the author explains how there is a difference between the Antichrist's/Satan's wrath and God's Wrath. Pre-tribulation teachers are notorious for confusing this topic to conclude that Christians are not meant for God's wrath during the Tribulation, hence, they have to be raptured away before the Tribulation starts. However, what does the Bible teach? The Bible teaches that the Great Tribulation will be a time meant mainly for Satan's wrath against Christians and Jews. However, the rest of the world (the wicked, unbelievers) will also face parts of God's wrath during the Tribulation while Christians and Jews face Satan's wrath. So, yes, God will not be directing His wrath at His followers, however, He will be directing it at the wicked, while Christians and Jews are facing Satan's wrath. God knows how to seal and protect His own people from the disasters that He will bring on the earth. However, God will allow Satan during that time to persecute Christians and Jews, so that a remnant will come out purified, tested and set apart for Him. Too many Christians today think they won't have to face the big test of faithfulness ahead of them, and hence, they will do whatever to teach doctrines and accept doctrines that give them a false sense of security, as they suppress the hard Scriptural Truth in front of them.
At the end of the Great Tribulation, Christ will come back and rapture His saints. However, even after the Rapture/First Resurrection/Second coming of Christ, God's wrath (the seven bowls) will continue on the rest of the inhabitants of the earth- the wicked/followers of the Antichrist, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet.

(2). Recognizing Deception- Another article regarding the end times which warns Christians against deception in the last days.

Many Christians today fear of going through persecution especially during the Great Tribulation. In order to resolve the cognitive dissonance produced by the fear of persecution, trials, and death- they have come up with false doctrines like the pre-tribulation rapture theory to resolve the dissonance. This will not help them one bit as they are only deceiving themselves. I remember one Christian saying an important thing about fear of dying and persecution. He said that even if you have to die and endure pain, the end result is victory for over Satan, his Antichrist and the False Prophet. For when you die, you become free from your dying and mortal body and the gateway to receiving a new body (which is eternal) is opened for you. Unless you cross the river of death, you can't receive the reward of this new body. When Christians have to die at the hands of Satan, his Antichrist, and the the False Prophet- Christians should encourage themselves with the fact they will become even more powerful than any of those evil entities, as Christians will never be subject to sin and death ever again. Hence, Christians need to learn to resolve their fears with genuine hope of becoming immortal instead of coming up with false doctrines which gives false assurances.