Satan's agenda to exalt and glorify himself above God in America is underway

Meanwhile, many Christians continue to love and justify their sinful behavior and are in "la la" land (their minds are not in tune with reality). They're too consumed with their own narcissism (self-glorification) to have any sense to repent, making the same mistake Israel did before they were taken over by their enemies and exiled in the Old Testament. That's the way Satan likes it. Be a narcissistic sociopath like he is. That way, very few will resist him. They cooperate with Satan to bring about their own destruction.

Another link which shows how supposedly the Fox network (supposedly a conservative news channel) is now set out to glorify Satan: (Fox network launching New TV Series That Glorifies Lucifer; Marketed With Pro-Satan Tweets)

Satan is getting television air time, his own churches, removing God's commandments from schools and government- he is progressing very well. I think he might say- "Thank you Christians for cooperating with me and empowering me. Thank you for discrediting your own faith with your behavior" (just like the priests and Israelites did in the Old Testament-refer to Malachi 2).

Church Of Lucifer Set to Open In Old Town Spring, TX (Click on link)

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