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All sociopaths will get what they deserve in the future

Recently, I've been seeing a celebrity having a hard time in his own life. He's clearly a sociopath and people have hated him for a long time. I didn't agree with his sociopathic behavior and tactics, but I always thought perhaps some good might still be in him. Nevertheless, things are falling apart in his own life despite the success he's had in the past. Now people are trolling him and enjoying seeing his fall from glory. I hope he learns his lesson, repents, and becomes a better person so that God will lift him up in due time. However, if he chooses to continue to indulge in his sociopathic behavior, he invites his own destruction. This is how Satan blinds people today (he blinds them through their success to make them think that as long as they have success, it's ok to be evil) . He is the ultimate sociopath. With human sociopaths, change is still possible, even though it's a difficult and rare thing for them to change. However, with Satan, he will never change. His own sociopathy will destroy him along with all of his sociopathic human followers (refer to Revelation chapters 16, 19, and 20 by clicking on each link). The end of Satan, his fallen angels, and all wicked humans (those who didn't repent and become saved through Jesus Christ) for all the pain, torment and destruction they've caused to others- will be in the eternal lake of fire where maggots will torment them forever (refer to Mark 9:48 and Matthew 25:41). Satan was the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. He is adorned with every precious stone. Now the only thing Satan has to look forward to is his own destruction in the lake of fire, where maggots will have their way with him and his demons. God is going to make a barbecue feast for maggots out of Satan, his demons, and all wicked humans who rejected His way of salvation for humans. There will be no relief to their torment, it will go on day and night for ever and ever (Rev. 20:10)- a befitting end for such sociopaths who deceived, destroyed, tormented humans, and dragged many humans down along with them into their destruction in the lake of fire. However, those who have been harmed and affected by Satan can comfort themselves knowing that God's judgement of Satan will come in the future. Satan and his demon's torment is only about to begin ;) They will find no escape from that torment for all of eternity. Since Satan and his demons loved taking away hope from humans in their sufferings on earth, no hope will be given to them in eternity.

An angel far more powerful and stronger than Satan will be sent by God to bind Satan and throw him into prison for 1,000 years.

The 1,000 year prison sentence is nothing compared to what God has in store for Satan as part of his final and eternal fate in the lake of fire and burning sulfur. 

A colored scanning electron micrograph of the head of a maggot- Satan's future tormentor in the lake of fire and burning sulfur. Look at those fangs! The Bible teaches that Satan was the seal of perfection and beauty before his fall. In the future, his beauty is going to be ravaged by many maggots. A befitting end for the father of narcissistic sociopathy, who caused so much pain and destruction to mankind and the rest of God's creation on Earth.

A lake of fire and burning sulfur infested with maggots will be the place of torment for Satan, his demons, and all wicked people who have rejected God's way of salvation through Jesus Christ.

A depiction of the lake of fire and burning sulfur

A picture of Anakin (who turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader) suffering and enraged in anger as he is burning from the movie- "Star Wars Episode 3- Revenge of the Sith". Similarly, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in the lake of fire and burning sulfur.

    Anakin's entire body engulfed in flames.

Once handsome, now Anakin's face and entire body has been destroyed by severe burns as punishment for his evil deeds of turning to the dark side. The same will happen to those who end up in the lake of fire and burning sulfur- the suffering never ends there as it will go on forever.

There's a season for everything. Evil people will think they can get away with being evil indefinitely, however, God has put a limit to how long He'll put up with them. Even Satan and his demons know that their appointed judgment from God will come and that they will be tortured (refer to Matthew 8:29) for eternity. 
For human sociopaths, the message and lesson is- don't let the success of evil people deceive you. Now is the time to repent and turn away from your evil behavior- before you bring about your own destruction. Many Christians today are sociopaths. Satan has blinded them with sociopathic ideologies like Calvinism, which makes them think that God ignores and condones their evil behavior. They think that they live under the dispensation of grace and thereby, freely sin without any consequences. They think they can abuse God and also their fellow human beings. I've learned that by knowing a person's view of salvation and sin, you can know if they'll make a good friend or moreover a spouse. Anyone who thinks that they can abuse grace is the wrong person to befriend or be in a relationship with (they are sociopaths), as they will have the tendency to be abusive towards you. Such people don't see anything wrong with themselves, and have a low rate of changing themselves for the better. Thus, you'll be likely stuck with an abusive sociopath for the rest of your life while they destroy you and hurt you.
For six years, I was tormented day and night because I was in love with a girl, but she didn't reciprocate her love to me. Not a day went by that I didn't think about the girl that I thought I was in love with. She couldn't reciprocate love towards me unless I had met her expectations regarding my education and career. Like many people in my field who struggle, I was lost for a long time trying to meet that expectation. No one even helped to show me how to study for standardized exams. People who I approached for help only ended up either deceiving me or taking me around in circles. At the end, it was God who had mercy on me and showed me how to study. God's love for me didn't hinge on me meeting any requirement/expectations. He wanted to help me without any strings attached. I'm His creation and He has promised me that He will take care of me until my last breath on this earth. He has promised me that He won't ever abandon me, no matter what. He won't go off with someone else to torment me day and night. What a tormenting thing it is to know that the girl you were in love with is in some other person's bed! It's like taking a blade and running it through your mind. No wonder many people commit suicide over heartbreak. It's that tormenting. However, I've found strength and hope in God. With God by my side, heartbreak is not the end of the world for me. With my tragic breakup, I've learned how to approach women and relationships now with great caution and see them for the poisonous snakes that they can be. I've learned a lot about the psychology of women. Women hate nice guys. Women hate guys who depend on them for help/assistance. They themselves can be hypocrites regarding this as they have no problem being dependent on men to help/provide for them. There are many women today who treat nice guys like crap because they're mentally abnormal (i.e. narcissistic sociopaths) themselves. I saw a Youtube video (refer to 3 Reasons Why Women Love Jerks) where a girl was saying how women like jerks (aka alpha males- who also are narcissistic sociopaths) because they like taking the challenge of trying to change them. Perhaps, this feeds their hunger to manipulate people for their agendas. Refer also to this other video (Look out! It's a nice guy, destroy him!) to see a woman discussing why women hate nice guys.
As a "nice guy" (which I've been labeled by women before), I spent most of my life trying to meet their expectations to try and have a relationship with them. For them, they want you to be smart (i.e. successful in your education and career), have money to spend on them, and preferably tall. I've been insulted to my face and in front of other people regarding my height by some Malayalee Brethren girls. That's the type of sociopathic trash that is prevalent among Malayalee Christians. These girls will date whoever they want from their teenage years till marriage, while rejecting "nice guys" like me and trying to make us win their affection. I finally came to a point in my life, where I had to say enough is enough. I got fed up with their nonsense. I had to accept that such women are abusive lunatics (i.e. sociopaths) and I was better off without them. Indian women are some of the biggest sociopaths. It doesn't matter who they are in your life (family, relatives, church members, love interests, etc.). Growing up an Indian man, you will be the target of sociopathic criticism and psychological abuse from such women in every area of your life. Thus, they can be your source of depression (sociopathic women are really a cancer in a man's life). It's a nightmare growing up in such an environment. It's really a prison/mental asylum. It's like growing up among female Scorpios (sociopathic psychological assassins who psychologically abuse you- refer to Scorpio the sociopath). They constantly criticize you (regarding your weaknesses/deficiencies), give you unrealistic expectations to meet and sexually repress and frustrate you (you're forced to see Malayalee girls reject you and going around with other men). I'm so glad that I have left that type of environment and not go back to it ever again. It was like a cancer in my life (being forced to attend a Malayalee church which caters to such psychological abuse). I keep seeing these type of nutjobs (narcissistic sociopathic women) being attracted to alpha-males (the successful, but sociopathic men) who only want to use them for their own agendas. So let them destroy each other. I believe that Satan and his demonic spirits work through such sociopathic women to mistreat and neglect men to instill mental disorders in them also (e.g. depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, etc.). In other words, mentally ill beings (like Satan, his demons, and their human henchmen/henchwomen) drive others crazy. Satan's goal is to make life on this earth a living nightmare for "nice people" (as misery loves company). Satan himself went insane after becoming hopeless regarding his pending eternal destruction, so what better way to avenge himself  by drawing others into his misery?

How many women ran after Jesus when He was on earth? He was a poor man and lived in poverty (something which women, especially Malayalee women loathe). The Bible says that there was nothing about His appearance which was attractive. He is intelligence and wisdom itself- as He has created everything we can and can't see. He is the greatest architect and engineer ever. Yet, no one could recognize Him because His poverty and humility masked His glory. He wasn't the ideal Malayalee proposal. I could relate so much with Christ's life regarding that and other things. When He taught the message of repentance, people hated it and tried to kill Him. I've experienced a similar persecution (i.e. trying to be silenced by Malayalee gundaism) from Brethren churches, when I've challenged their sociopathic behavior and doctrines. Thus, I realized that I was being asked by God to share in Jesus' baptism of suffering. Being a nice guy hated by the world (just like Christ), has its tormenting aspects, but I know some day it will bring me glory. I had to accept the fact that I live in a sociopathic world in which Satan and his demons work in the hearts of people to hate what is good (e.g. nice guys), and love what is evil (sociopathic alpha males). Refer to Micah 3:1-2 and Ephesians 2:2. People like me don't belong in this world infested with sociopathy (refer to Hebrews 11:38). When nice guys are placed in this world, we will only be destroyed and mistreated by the sociopaths here.
Day by the day, the Great Physician is helping me, when no one else wanted to. How useless people have become! God designed women to be a helper to man. How miserably they are failing at that! They only know how to give expectations and demands to men in order to be accepted by them, however, they won't help such men to achieve them. They can't even help people like me to stand (i.e. showing people how to study). It took the Creator to help me. I remember in college, I observed the same thing about girls (especially Indian girls). I remember one girl showing initial interest in me (even though she was also interested in another guy- the smartest guy in our class), based on my physical appearance (despite what other girls rejected me on- like my short height), but the moment she saw me weak in my studies, she rejected me. I had later tried to form a study group with her and her boyfriend (one of the smartest guys in our class), but the moment she saw that I wasn't on their level, she chased me away (in the most harsh and insulting way). These self-serving sociopathic women date/marry the successful guys (in order to use them and manipulate them for their agendas). Bunch of useless idiotic parasites! Moreover, women have the tendency to be terrorists (as they are no different in their mentality than the militant terrorists we see in the world today who spread fear), as women use various methods of instilling fear. The difference is that women instill fear of rejection/abandonment as well as use manipulation to dominate men. Many of them  wenter professions which require them to help others, however, they can't even help men like me succeed when we are weak. Will they abandon their patients also? Once they receive their prestigious degree and high paying jobs, they'll feel good about themselves (and it will also raise their ego/pride). What is the point of feeling proud about themselves when they are incompetent to help others? When my ex abandoned me at my hour of need, it hurt me that no strength could be found in her. I learned the painful/heartbreaking way that women would not be a helper to me. Instead they are good at weakening you (by mistreating you out of their own narcissism and sociopathy). Thus the word of God is proven true- there is no strength that you can receive from humans (refer to Psalm 146:3-6; Isaiah 63:4-5 and Jeremiah 17:5-9). Such women who are incompetent helpers and demanding/hard to please are the ones who need to be rejected. Since women are heartless enough to abandon men (whom they can't help out of their own incompetence), I've learned not to put them on a pedestal ever again. I used to adore them, but now, I've had to ask myself, "why adore a sociopath?" Because a sociopathic society tells me to? Because of their blinding beauty? It's just plain stupid. I'd like to mention something I've observed regarding some non-Indian women (like Latin American/Mexican women). When I've studied at the library, I've seen a Mexican couple frequently. I saw the girl helping her boyfriend out with his studies. The guy seemed like a goofball, but he accepted his girlfriend's help (who seemed like a smart girl). I compared her with the Indian girls I've come across and was reminded of how pathetic and useless they are. The only thing they care about is themselves and their ego (satisfying their desires and looking good in front of others). The only thing they're good at is giving high expectations for men who pursue them and insulting them (if they don't meet their expectations). They play hard to get, and don't bother to help men to succeed in meeting their expectations. Thus, I had to ask myself, why pursue such useless trash and feed their ego? I rather become successful and stay away from such opportunistic parasites. No wonder alpha-males use and dump women. Never again will I feel sorry for such women as they deserve it since they too are sociopaths. Perhaps, it was life's lesson for me to stop looking at Indian girls [and women in general (regardless of race) as being suitable partners. More and more I've been realizing that it's better to be single instead of being stuck/enslaved to a narcissistic sociopath for the rest of your life.
 Relationships with women on this fallen earth have become merely a business partnership. It's become that sad and dark. It's no longer women being helpers to men, rather, it's women either wanting to be dependent on men (a one way street where they become opportunistic parasites) or they want to be independent altogether (either way, they don't ever want to help a man). So let the narcissistic and sociopathic alpha males and females form "business partnerships" with each other. Sociopaths eventually destroy themselves as well as each other. What fuels the narcissism and sociopathy of alpha women is their success (being intelligent/knowing how to study, having a prestigious degree, and a high salary). What happens when their ego/pride comes against God? God knows how to humble them and wipe the memory of their existence from this earth (refer to Psalm 37:1-2; Psalm 92:7; James 4:6 and Isaiah 65:17). They may flourish now for a while like weeds, but God knows how to humble those who are proud and evil (just look at how He's judged Satan- Satan's punishment is pending, but the sentence has already been declared- he will be tormented for eternity. Satan has no hope of salvation. He is doomed forever). If God can sentence such powerful beings like Satan, what are humans (who imitate Satan's narcissism and sociopathy) in God's hands? Again, Indian women are some of the biggest alpha females out there and their sociopathic deeds are seen in churches and in their family life (in how they like to compete/fight with each other, as well as recruit their children/husbands into their wars which have their egos at stake). They ignore the fact that God can humble that at any time. Women's sinful nature can harden their hearts against God (and it is very evident through their behavior).
The Bible reveals that Satan has introduced this manipulative and sociopathic disorder in women in the Garden of Eden [refer to Genesis 3:16- which states how God warned us how women would desire to control (manipulate) men. This happened because sin entered the world, or in other words, Adam and Eve's progeny would be affected by a sinful nature [refer to Romans chapter 7 for more regarding the sinful nature]. Satan has turned women mentally abnormal, just like himself (as he is the father of narcissism and sociopathy). They have become Satan incarnate. If you wonder how Satan is like, all you need to do is look at women (as Satan was the seal of perfection- full of wisdom and beauty. He also used charm and deception to deceive Eve). Similarly, women's charm and beauty can psychologically blind you to the reality of how poisonous they are (i.e. being manipulative narcissistic sociopaths- just like Satan). Ego, pride, vanity, charm/manipulation, hating what is good- are all byproducts of narcissism and sociopathy. What better way to destroy men than turn women (who they adore) into being their eye candy (object of lust), seducing and manipulating them through women? Satan's hatred for man is demonstrated through the way he works through women (he psychologically/spiritually murders men through women).

I'll give an example of how much women's narcissism and sociopathy have turned men of some countries into bisexuals. India (as well as other nearby countries like Nepal and Indians from Malaysia) has some screwed up things about it (which I believe is Satanic and demonic in origin). For example, one of the common things you see if you visit there is how men are a little too close to each other (walking on the street holding hands and having their arms around each other). Some even grope each other trying to be playful. That's just messed up. Personally, I've observed many of them to be bisexual predators. It's always perplexed me because India is such a conservative environment. Not sure what the cause for this type of perversion is. I mean I know that because of the conservative environment, many males are sexually repressed and frustrated because dating is frowned upon. Indian parents (like manipulative sociopaths) dictate who and when to marry (even if you're not attracted to a girl). Parents are just interested in accomplishing their own agendas and looking good in front of their peers (bragging rights).  On top of that, Indian girls and their parents raise the bar pretty high (requiring you to have a certain job and wealth according to their expectations and be part of a certain caste or social class- in other words, they promote elitism) and then manipulate you to be accepted by them (while many of the girls themselves whore around with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Indian women (as well as their parents) are some of the biggest gold diggers. They tend to treat nice guys like crap and even the nice guys become the target of bisexual predators. India's environment is like a mental asylum, unfortunately. I believe that is one of the reasons why many of them are eager to immigrate to  other countries. Not sure if their sexual repression/frustration from girls (starting from the teenage years) is causing these guys to bond instead with each other and then become bisexuals. Anyway, it's just messed up, because I've even seen married Indian guys (both in India as well as in America) trying to make the moves on other Indian guys (since they're in unhappy marriages- where the girl is mistreating/demanding too much from them). They did it in a very perverse and manipulative way (where they prey on unsuspecting straight Indian guys). That's what these trashy women (under the influence of Satan's narcissistic sociopathy) do- make nice Indian guys the target of bisexual predators, while they torment them by rejecting them and instead going around having their fun and engaging in whoredom. It shows how in general, women are disgusting creeps.

Narcissism is prevalent in the Indian culture (especially how everything is orchestrated/manipulated throughout the lives of women for their ultimate glorification on their coronation day- i.e. their wedding day). Indians movies depict that very well. Many of the songs/music videos they make are dedicated to the worship/adoration of narcissistic women and the narcissistic and manipulative culture they come from. An Indian male in such a culture/environment spends his life trying to win the approval/acceptance of Indian women (i.e. their own mother as well as romantic interests/marriage proposals) to cater to their egos (who set the bar pretty high for them). In the process, they are psychologically abused (insulted when they don't meet their expectations and standards). They just become the manipulative potter's clay. That’s what this is all really about- a celebration of the manipulative potter's (i.e. Indian women) victory over the clay (i.e. Indian men) and the continuation of this toxic cycle through their offspring.

This type of narcissism and sociopathy is seen in women of other races and God only knows what kind of effects it’s causing men in other countries.

When women need help or if they don't want their ego to be bruised (out of getting rejected by a man), they will employ many manipulative tactics (e.g. crying to arouse sympathy). However, they themselves won't offer sympathy and compassion in your hour of need. I couldn't help but be reminded of the similarities between Scorpio (a psychopathic and manipulative assassin from the movie "Dirty Harry") and women. When Harry confronted Scorpio, he also tried to cry and arouse sympathy and compassion from Harry (refer to Dirty Harry).
When you corner women regarding their manipulation, physical/psychological forms of abuse and dirty tactics (just like how Harry cornered Scorpio in the football stadium), they will try to gaslight you and even cry to make you feel sorry for them (which is further designed to deceive you). Their beauty and man's desire for sex/companionship can blind men to what kind of self-serving dangerous assassins that they truly are.

I don't know how my ex feels. Maybe she has her torment that she deals with regarding me. I don't want to hate her. Ideally, I want us to be at peace with each other, instead of having any enmity towards each other. But it's so hard because the moment you realize she's with someone else, it just keeps cutting me- which can arouse anger from my part. It's not easy being single and going to sleep at night and waking up thinking about your ex being with someone else. For six years, I was heartbroken and tormented by dealing with the pain from her abandoning me. That pain was taken to the next level when she got married to someone else (when someone inflicts pain onto you like that, they also arouse anger. How ironic that the girl I was madly in love with has now become my source of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). This also taught me how much I should never love such abusive women- who have no problems in tearing you into pieces). I remember the short form of her name which I used to call her (which she loved). I remember all the little things she used to love when we were together. I remember how shy we should get around the camera (she hated me taking pictures of her) when I wanted photos of her because I adored her. We'd chat for hours, because I adored her. I was also good at reading her and then calling her out on that. My mind is mixed with the good times I had with her along with the pain (i.e. her breaking my heart)- which is a ridiculous thing to experience (it's like a bipolar disorder experience). Now I've realized that pain dominated my relationship with her and that God wanted to set me free from that. I know that our breakup had many purposes. Even though she's not the main reason that I left the Brethren church (as I just got fed up with the sociopaths that I had come across various Brethren churches I had attended), the breakup triggered me to question a lot of things about my own life which helped me make the decision of escaping that toxic elitist cult I was part of. It was a mental asylum infested with "Christian" impostors (i.e. narcissistic sociopaths)- which I was being forced and brainwashed to attend. It took me a while to understand that the lunatics there were trying to psychologically assault me every time they saw me. I'm grateful that God opened my eyes to their wickedness and lunacy to escape that Satanic and demonic environment. They are the product of Satan's infiltration of Western Christianity (Protestantism and fundamental Christianity). I remember anonymously confronting a Caucasian-American Bible teacher that I have seen in Brethren meetings. He was a major sociopathic troll (who loves to call out, criticize, and humiliate people during his sermons). When I asked him why he was contradicting the core Brethren doctrines through his trolling (e.g. imputed righteousness and how no one can judge each other because of this, unconditional eternal security, etc.), he started squirming (just like how sociopaths do). When you corner them, they squirm. All of a sudden he asked me for forgiveness and asked me what church I was part of so that he could apologize to them also (which I knew was to find out who I was and then harass me in various ways). He thought that I was stupid enough to fall for his manipulative tactics.

Being surrounded and mistreated by sociopaths (i.e. women and Calvinist denominations) was my pit of destruction/miry bog. It was the Lord who enlightened me (to help me recognize sociopathy and compelling me to stay away from them) and psychologically resurrected me after facing their psychological trauma. 

These are the dangerous sociopaths that are present in fake Christian churches today (both Indian and non-Indian). I believe God wanted to help me escape that type of Satan and toxic environment. He showed me that it's best to stay away from such people and let them destroy themselves as well as each other. When one of their targets (the punching bags they use to display their elitism) leaves, they will have no other choice but to move onto other targets. I've learned that sociopaths need to be put in a solitary confinement and they need to just talk to themselves. In case of carnal minded Malayalee Christians (especially the Brethren), the best thing to do is not take part in any of their nonsense to make yourself a target, and instead let them preach their sociopathic ideologies to each other and attack each other for their elitist agendas. Now, whenever I look at Brethren church buildings and conference gatherings, I just see them as mental asylums for sociopaths. They're all gathered together in one place where they just talk to each other and attack each other. I used to remember how much they used to provoke and ostracize me at their meetings. At that time I used to fall into their trap of retaliating back which was only fueling them (sociopaths feed off of their victim's retaliation). You shut them down when you ignore them and don't retaliate to their provocations. Now God has shown me, that it's my turn to ostracize them. Eventually when people leave such toxic churches and only the elitists are left in their assemblies (which is the trend right now), they will attack each other and this will bring their elitist social club (masked as a church) down into the ground. I'm glad I discovered my ex-girlfriend's true colors. As I started coming across the details of Sherin Matthew's tragedy (in which she was first abandoned by her adoptive parents at home while they went and enjoyed dinner and then later abandoned in a culvert), I sensed a sociopathic apathy in them. They were incompetent in raising a child with special needs like Sherin, but they also showed their sociopathic nature (which is prevalent among the Brethren and other Calvinist denominations). My ex-girlfriend is really no different than them. She abandoned me when I was struggling to prepare for my exams. What puzzles me is how she (and others) got through standardized tests during her education, when so many people in America are being destroyed by them (as the system here doesn't prepare people to master such exams). I remember her giving me vague advice on how to prepare for them, but now I've come to realize that her advice didn't make much sense. If she followed her own advice she gave me, how did she become successful? A mystery in which I know that God will reveal some day and then judge those who have been irresponsible and negligent to prepare students for such exams. American educators will have a court date with God. Anyway, coming back to my main point, I felt that my ex was apathetic in regards to my struggles. I felt she wanted to play it safe and leave me for dead. If it wasn't for my struggles, I would've never seen her true colors and recognized how sociopathy is prevalent among the Brethren as well as the rest of the Indian community, and among non-Indians in America also. What amazes me is how such women succeed in their career and even get married, even when they don't want to show mercy/help people like me. That's the icing on the cake for sociopaths. They prosper despite their wickedness. Now I've learned about the dangers/consequences of falling in love with a sociopath. In other words, never fall in love with a sociopath nor try to have a friendship/relationship with them, as they will abandon you when they find you useless (or destroy/hurt you in some other way). A woman's beauty/charm can blind you to those hidden dangers. I grew up thinking that I needed a woman to make me happy (as I saw other men showing their joy in romancing women). This made me idolize women. When they insulted me for not meeting their standards, it made me desperate for their approval (thus, it made me desperate to win the affection and approval of idols). Little did I know what kind of fake gods (idols) that women are as they are useless trash (opportunistic parasites) who only end up being your source of depression. It helped me realize how much the things of the world (relationships with women, depending any human for help, depending on food and entertainment to help you combat stress, anxiety and depression) only instill/further fuel anxiety and depression disorders. They instill mental disorders in you. That's why the only thing you really need in this world is God. Everything else is trash (especially pursuing women).

Regardless of the mixed emotions I have regarding my ex, I wish her and her family the best. Many times I wonder if I'll stumble across my ex again. Would it be emotional or would we just ignore each other? The mixed emotions which were created from our past relationship taught me many important things- especially being extremely cautious about women (they can give you good feelings, but boy, can they pierce and destroy you). Never again will I adore women like I used to. I've learned that because of this fallen world and their sinful nature, it's stupid to adore them (when you give them roses, then can return the favor with a knife in your heart). Furthermore, women today are promiscuous (and thus unfaithful even before entering marriage). This only reinforces the reality that they are unworthy to be adored. Living in denial of that only sets you up for pain. These type of sociopathic women make you work for their affection (when they are unworthy of that). So, no more being a nice guy from my part. I've learned to see through the beauty/charm of woman and see the unfaithfulness, promiscuity and the lunacy (narcissistic sociopathy) of women. So, why should I be a moron and be a nice guy to such sociopathic women? Society teaches for men to be nice guys, but that's not what women really want nor what they deserve. They want and deserve sociopathic males just like themselves (aka alpha males who treat them like crap (even though they will initially charm them and appeal to their expectations of being their dream guy in order to bait them) and use them for their own agendas. They (both alpha males and females) follow the motto "use them and dump them". So be it. Let them use and dump/destroy each other (sociopaths will inevitably clash with each other because of their egos and the desire to dominate each other). You learn a lot by observing sociopaths (invaluable lessons). Recently, I came across a very manipulative and charming Malayalee guy (who is couple of years older than me) who wanted me to help him with his studies. Boy, did he know how to push my buttons to get him to help him initially! Manipulators know how to target your soft spots/weaknesses in order to bait you and use you (in my case, he knew how I like to help people and he wanted to take advantage of that). However, he gave himself away, especially when he tried to dominate me (when I was trying to help him). Manipulators love to use you as a step in order to prop themselves up (it caters to their ego and boost their self-esteem). I called him out on that and I knew that was a huge blow to him (he knew I had disarmed him from manipulating me anymore). Manipulators/sociopaths hate getting exposed/getting called out (as it disarms them). You force them to look for easier targets. I realized how prevalent manipulative sociopaths are among Malayalees (whether old, young, or same age group and regardless of gender).

Society brainwashes nice men and make them into morons to adore women in various ways (giving the desires of their heart- e.g. diamond rings, glamorous weddings, houses, etc.) in order to win their affection (which caters to their narcissistic pride/ego). Society influences men to idolize womenSociety (influenced by various industries) brainwashes men to reward the wickedness of women (i.e. their narcissistic sociopathy) in order to financially capitalize on that. Why become stupid by feeding the ego of narcissistic sociopathic women? Why reward their whoredom? Why reward someone who could care less about helping you to succeed and/or had nothing to do with your success which is now attracting them to you? Why give a diamond ring to someone who is not going to do the same/similar thing for you? Marriage (and all its festivities) cater to the opportunistic parasitic agenda of women. What symbolizes that is women wearing a diamond ring while the guy wears a plain gold ring after marriage. Now I've started to see how much that symbolizes elitism/slavery within marriage (i.e. men being slaves to women). I used to be willing to do whatever it takes to impress and win their affection. However, now after mistreatment and heartbreak at their hands, I've learned to change my mentality. Men are deceived to think that giving women the desires of their heart will win their love and affection. They will act like they love and have affection towards you, but in reality, the only thing they love is themselves and vanity (i.e. wealth, jewelry, etc.). They are more than willing to jump to another man if the opportunity arises (as they are opportunistic parasites). Men just become the middle man in women's pursuit of things of this world. To be more precise, men become their slaves (on so many different levels). The harsh reality is that women are slavers of men. I've learned to not give them the best as they're not worthy to receive the best. So I will never give them the best. Even if they think they've received the best from me (e.g. a particular type of ring), the truth is that, they have not. I will make sure it's not the best one available and make sure it's not what they expected. I will not adore them either, and my adoration is far more valuable and glorious than any diamond. God values the diamond of adoration found in people's hearts. He doesn't care about the physical diamonds used as jewelry to win His affection, like women do. That is why God commands people to love Him with all of our heart, soul, strength and mind (the basis of true adoration). Never again will I adore women like I used to (adoring and loving them so strongly with my heart, soul, strength and mind)- they don't deserve that spiritual type of diamond found in my heart (nor do they value it anyway, as they are more impressed with physical diamond jewels). I know my ex never was able to appreciate my adoration for her. She saw my adoration and instead labeled me as a "nice guy." Thus, why give my adoration to foolish women? Instead, I will give that diamond of adoration to God. Women need to get through their sociopathic thick skulls to humble themselves and get rid of their promiscuity, narcissism and sociopathy. Adoring and loving such sociopathic women only ends up destroying yourself- as they use your love/adoration for them to manipulate/use you for their agendas. It really psychologically blinds you and removes your guard against such sociopaths (as sociopaths always exploit weaknesses like compassion, mercy, forgiveness, love, and adoration).

 I've felt that God has used my painful experiences to teach and remind me what He's been going through in His relationship with Israel (Israel is described as being an unfaithful lover/wife). This has allowed me and God to bond with each other (as I can empathize with God and I know God knows exactly what I'm going through). I know Jesus went through the same thing on this earth (being rejected and unwanted because He lacked the carnal qualities/parameters to be accepted by humans).

I can say things out of my torment and anger, but that won't ever take away my love for her (i.e. deep down, underneath the pain, wanting her to have a good and long life ahead, even if it's not with me). I hope that the sociopathic wickedness of the Brethren will not deceive, influence and lead her to eternal destruction. I hope she comes out of that (refer to Revelation 18:4-5 and 2 Corinthians 6:14-18). I hope she doesn't make herself the home to demonic spirits, just like how the rest of the Brethren have out of their love for carnality/love for the world and hunger to satisfy one's pride/ego (refer to Revelation 18:2-5). Just like how the Bible prophesies demonic spirits working through world leaders to bring their armies to fight against God at Armageddon, today these demonic spirits (under the command of Satan) work through false teachers among Christianity who cater to the carnal desires of carnal minded Christians by propagating false doctrines/ideologies like Calvinism and Free Grace theology. They are drawing church goers to fight against God, out of their love for sin/carnality. If you really want a sociopathic spouse (the most dangerous type of mentally abnormal people) that is influenced/empowered by Satan and his demons (and thereby make them an enemy of God), Calvinist churches like the Brethren are the place to find them.

May the Lord's goodness and power working in my life banish the memories of those who have broken my heart.

I've posted regarding many of these topics on my Google Plus profile also (refer to 

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