All sociopaths will get what they deserve in the future

Recently, I've been seeing a celebrity having a hard time in his own life. He's clearly a sociopath and people have hated him for a long time. I didn't agree with his sociopathic behavior and tactics, but I always thought perhaps some good might still be in him. Nevertheless, things are falling apart in his own life despite the success he's had in the past. Now people are trolling him and enjoying seeing his fall from glory. I hope he learns his lesson, repents, and becomes a better person so that God will lift him up in due time. However, if he chooses to continue to indulge in his sociopathic behavior, he invites his own destruction. This is how Satan blinds people today. He is the ultimate sociopath. With human sociopaths, change is still possible, even though it's a difficult and rare thing for them to change. However, with Satan, he will never change. His own sociopathy will destroy him along with all of his sociopathic human followers (refer to Revelation chapters 16, 19, and 20 by clicking on each link). The end of Satan, his fallen angels, and all wicked humans (those who didn't repent and become saved through Jesus Christ) for all the pain, torment and destruction they've caused to others- will be in the eternal lake of fire where maggots will torment them forever (refer to Mark 9:48 and Matthew 25:41). Satan was the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. He is adorned with every precious stone. Now the only thing Satan has to look forward to is his own destruction in the lake of fire, where maggots will have their way with him and his demons. God is going to make a barbecue feast for maggots out of Satan, his demons, and all wicked humans who rejected His way of salvation for humans. There will be no relief to their torment, it will go on day and night for ever and ever (Rev. 20:10)- a befitting end for such sociopaths who deceived, destroyed, tormented humans, and dragged many humans down along with them into their destruction in the lake of fire. However, those who have been harmed and affected by Satan can comfort themselves knowing that God's judgement of Satan will come in the future. Satan and his demon's torment is only about to begin ;) They will find no escape from that torment for all of eternity. Since Satan and his demons loved taking away hope from humans in their sufferings on earth, no hope will be given to them in eternity.

An angel far more powerful and stronger than Satan will be sent by God to bind Satan and throw him into prison for 1,000 years.

The 1,000 year prison sentence is nothing compared to what God has in store for Satan as part of his final and eternal fate in the lake of fire and burning sulfur. 

A colored scanning electron micrograph of the head of a maggot- Satan's future tormentor in the lake of fire and burning sulfur. Look at those fangs! The Bible teaches that Satan was the seal of perfection and beauty before his fall. In the future, his beauty is going to be ravaged by many maggots. A befitting end for the father of narcissistic sociopathy, who caused so much pain and destruction to mankind and the rest of God's creation on Earth.

A lake of fire and burning sulfur infested with maggots will be the place of torment for Satan, his demons, and all wicked people who have rejected God's way of salvation through Jesus Christ.

A depiction of the lake of fire and burning sulfur

A picture of Anakin (who turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader) suffering and enraged in anger as he is burning from the movie- "Star Wars Episode 3- Revenge of the Sith". Similarly, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in the lake of fire and burning sulfur.

    Anakin's entire body engulfed in flames.

Once handsome, now Anakin's face and entire body has been destroyed by severe burns as punishment for his evil deeds of turning to the dark side. The same will happen to those who end up in the lake of fire and burning sulfur- the suffering never ends there as it will go on forever.

There's a season for everything. Evil people will think they can get away with being evil indefinitely, however, God has put a limit to how long He'll put up with them. Even Satan and his demons know that their appointed judgment from God will come and that they will be tortured (refer to Matthew 8:29) for eternity. 
For human sociopaths, the message and lesson is- don't let the success of evil people deceive you. Now is the time to repent and turn away from your evil behavior- before you bring about your own destruction. Many Christians today are sociopaths. Satan has blinded them with sociopathic ideologies like Calvinism, which makes them think that God ignores and condones their evil behavior. They think that they live under the dispensation of grace and thereby, freely sin without any consequences. They think they can abuse God and also their fellow human beings. I've learned that by knowing a person's view of salvation and sin, you can know if they'll make a good friend or moreover a spouse. Anyone who thinks that they can abuse grace is the wrong person to befriend or be in a relationship with (they are sociopaths), as they will have the tendency to be abusive towards you. Such people don't see anything wrong with themselves, and have a low rate of changing themselves for the better. Thus, you'll be likely stuck with an abusive sociopath for the rest of your life while they destroy you and hurt you.