Important notice regarding my blog

The page numbers at the bottom of the page may not work properly when viewing from a mobile device. Even when using it from a desktop computer, topics on page 1 repeats itself on page 2. So please use the Blog Archive section on the right hand column instead to search for posts. Some tabs on the upper side of the page like the contact links, icons like facebook, twitter, tumbler, and other things) don't work (they were part of the template I downloaded, and I never assigned any values for them). However, you can still share a particular post by going to the bottom aspect of a particular post and clicking on the facebook, twitter, and google+ icons (these do work). So feel free to share my posts with others.

Regarding the Google Translate app on my blog, please be aware it might not give an accurate translation to your desired language. Google Translate tends to give a literal translation of the English text I've used, and hence the translated text (to another language) may end up not making any sense to the reader. Please only rely on the English meaning of all of what I've written on my blog. For more regarding this problem, please research online regarding the limitations of Google Translate.

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