A world filled with narcissism and sociopathy- traits of Satan

The world is obsessed with idolatry (especially in the form of narcissism- adoring/worshiping/idolizing one's self and one's own wea... [Read More]

The Mark of the Beast

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The Antichrist will be a narcissistic sociopath

The Bible prophesies regarding the persecution of wise and godly men/teachers during the end times and also regarding the coming of the futu... [Read More]

Who will shine like the stars forever?

The wise who lead others to righteousness will shine like the stars forever. Daniel 12:3 (NLT): "Those who are wise will shine as br... [Read More]

Bar/ban narcissistic sociopaths from getting into power

Anyone who has an antisocial/sociopathic character should be barred from being in power/leadership (in all areas of life), for they are like... [Read More]

Rabbi receives Heavenly message in the Cave of Elijah

God doesn't tolerate sin even when preachers say we live under grace. Grace is freely there for those who genuinely repent and turn away... [Read More]

Israel will be deceived by the Antichrist

Leading Israeli Rabbi Says the Arrival of the Messiah is Imminent  (Click on the link) The real Messiah- Jesus Christ, came around 2,000 y... [Read More]

Why some Christians are leaving churches today

Bert Farias writes in an article ( 1 Big Reason Spiritual People Are Leaving Churches )- "Conversely, I know many spiritual people who ... [Read More]

The stench from Christians rising up to God

Jeremiah Johnson writes in an article ( A Surprising Prophetic Word About the Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Ruling )- "As news began ... [Read More]

We must overcome and conquer sin like Jesus Christ did

Sin is eager to control each of us, but instead, we must subdue it and become its master. Overcoming sin has greater rewards (most important... [Read More]

The Christian's relationship to God's Law

A quote from an article ( The Great Gospel Deception, Chapter Five - Shepherd Serve ): "A favorite antinomian expression is, “I’m so g... [Read More]

Satan's war against God's commandments

Satan continues to propagate his "lawlessness agenda." He wants to remove God's commandments and instead inspire his followers... [Read More]

How to get Satan to run away from you

How do you see Satan flee away from you? By using your God given power of resistance. Satan fears godly resistance. James 4:7 (NLT): &quo... [Read More]

Mind control tools being developed?

From recent information online being shared by the media, could the Mark of the Beast/mind control tools be in the process of being develope... [Read More]

Depression is evidence for your thirst for God

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Narcissism is evidence of your thirst for God

Addicted to Beauty and Perfection Because of Wanting God's Presence!  (Click on the link) [Read More]

Addictions are evidence for your thirst for God

Addictions Because of Wanting God and His Presence!  (Click on the link) [Read More]

Desiring intimacy is evidence of your thirst for God

Desires for Intimacy and Wanting Intimacy with God  (Click on the link) [Read More]

Boasting, pride, pursuit of power are evidence of your thirst for God

Boasting, Love of Power, and Wanting More of God!  (Click on the link) [Read More]

Lust is evidence for your thirst for God

How to Stop Lust, Pornography, and Sexual Addictions by Experiencing God Intensely!  (Click on the link) When we hunger and thirst for thi... [Read More]

Materialism is evidence for your thirst for God

Materialism as evidence that you want God's presence closer  (Click on link) [Read More]

Abusing God's grace

Bible Gateway passage: 1 John 3 - New Living Translation  (Click on link) A genuine believer will know that he/she can never abuse the gra... [Read More]

God is my refuge

When you tell God (as well as the public/people around you) with your mouth, heart, and mind that God is your refuge, your place of safety, ... [Read More]

What gives us the right to the tree of life?

What gives people the right to the tree of life and enter through the gates of the city (New Jerusalem) in eternity? Obeying God's comma... [Read More]

Pre-trib theory is extra-Biblical

It amazes me how pre-trib teachers/supporters do not fear in adding extra-Biblical teachings to what is really taught in Revelation and the ... [Read More]