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Arranged marriages/forced marriages among Indian Christians

Recently, I saw an article ("Indians and dating") written by a Malayalee American pastor (found his blog randomly on google search results). He was asking for the opinion from readers regarding their thoughts on dating and marriage in the Indian community (especially among Indian Christians). I posted my comments (which I'm about to share), not sure if it will be published though as it is moderated by the author of that website. However, I have the freedom to publish my views on my own blog and let others be edified by it. I'm writing from the point of view of an Indian who is a Christian.
 I think arranged marriages (in the form of forced marriages) are plain wrong. It violates the free will of a person. Forcing someone’s will (in this case the parents’ will on their children) on anyone is a rapist (sociopathic) mentality. Man has free will (even though free will is a confusing concept among Christians) and I believe we have received that free will from God Himself …

Competition is not for the Body of Christ

In many churches today, competition is a destructive force which has plagued fellowships. Competing to match or outdo others in regards to education, job/salaries, marriage, children, and even church activities. People use these as parameters to see and compare who is more blessed and more favored in God's eye). There is competition for even leadership positions which has resulted in church splits. It shows that such Christians are clueless regarding their own faith. Even the human body knows better to function as a unit (the brain is not competing with the heart, the heart is not competing with the liver, the hands are not competing with the legs)- all have different functions and work separately to give the body different functions and capabilities. Unless there is some abnormal autoimmune disorder (where autoantibodies act against autoantigens in the body- i.e. autoantibodies start attacking our own tissues/organs), the body normally functions in unity to maintain homeostasis. …

Do people hate you when they see you?

Have you encountered situations where people have hated you? It is likely that you came across sociopaths- the children of the devil (please refer to the following articles/posts to get a basic understanding of sociopaths- "Do you live with a psychopath?," "Characteristics of psychopaths," and "None dare call them sociopaths)". Once you understand that, you'll be better at navigating this world full of spiritual darkness. Whenever you get mistreated, thank and praise God that you were able to see such people's true colors instead of being led on to be destroyed by them later.
 Know that you're not alone in coming across such people. I've come across such people (both men and women) at church (of all places), relatives, school (the cool cliques/bullies), college, and other random places outside of home. As a guy, one of the most frustrating things is coming across sociopathic women (I'm sure it's the same for women who come across s…