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The deception behind the doctrine of atonement/propitiation (PSA)

Please read the entire articles from the following links and study them carefully to get a proper understanding regarding the deception behind PSA (penal substitutionary atonement). I'm only quoting couple of statements from these articles below just to give you a brief glimpse.

The first thing to understand is how false teachers use various Bible translations to propagate false doctrines (Bible translators have been shown to have doctrinal bias when translating and producing various Bible translations). Thus, you are getting a biased translation/interpretation which is deviant from what Scripture really says. Next, it's also important to understand why you commonly come across KJV Onlyism supporters within Calvinist denominations (ex. Plymouth Brethren/Kerala Brethren, Southern Baptists, etc.). They demand people only to use KJV in order to gaslight people (justify their false doctrines to them in a deceptive and convincing way). Thus, they will go to great lengths to deceive…

Brethren vs Pentecostal debate (Snehasamvadham)

Couple of months back, various Malayalee Brethren and Pentecostal Bible teachers came together to have a debate regarding various topics. Refer to the following links:

(1). Pentacost-Brethren Snehasamvadham- Dallas 2016

(2).Post-debate thoughts by Pr. Shibu Peediakal and Br. Ashish Jacob

(3).Pr. Shibu Peediakal refuting Brethren Assembly Preachers again

One of the topics that Pastor Shibu has addressed in various clips on his Youtube channel is regarding speaking in tongues (which of course, the Brethren teach that this gift has ceased with the early Church). Personally, I don't believe that the gift of tongues has ceased. Will all believers speak in tongues to demonstrate they have been baptized by the Holy Ghost? It's a very controversial question and subject. From studying Scripture, I personally haven't been convinced that speaking in tongues is a mandatory requirement for all believers. Each has a different gift that the Holy Ghost gives them in order to minister to o…

If Darth Vader became an evangelist to atheists

I love the dialogues in various Star Wars movies and cartoons. I wanted to turn some of them into a humorous depiction of Darth Vader turning from the dark side and becoming an evangelist to confront atheists based on his interactions with Luke Skywalker (from the movie- Episode 5- The Empire Strikes Back) and Ahsoka Tano (from Star Wars Rebels) in the fictional Star Wars universe.

Atheist- Nice to see you Vader. I heard you became an evangelist. I thought you were all about the dark side.
Evangelist Vader- You may dispense with the pleasantries. Do you have some time to talk about God?

Atheist- Vader, you should know better than to trust in some 2,000 year old ancient text called the Bible and believe in an entity which you can't even see. We use science and logic to rationalize what we choose to believe in. We can clearly see evolution at work and it is our father.

Evangelist Vader- Don't be too proud of your evidence based reasoning. The ability to reason in this manner is …

Who are no longer under condemnation to eternal damnation?

I’ve come across hypocritical gossips among carnal Christians (especially in my experiences with Malayalee Brethren) who point to verses like Romans 8:1, and then misquote and misinterpret it to promote carnality and licentiousness. That’s what is really funny. Brethren gossips contradict themselves and make fools out of themselves. Why gossip and bully others when they themselves believe and preach that God will not condemn or punish any Christian, no matter what sins they do? When you confront such people regarding their evil and hypocritical behavior, they will throw Romans 8:1 in your face and say that God will not punish them for their evil behavior. If you respond with verses which warn about God’s punishment to even Christians (ex. Galatians 6:7-10; Revelation chapters 2-3, etc.), they will continue to take you around in circles by falling back on their doctrines (penal substitutionary atonement, imputed righteousness, unconditional election, unconditional eternal security/name…

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord

Refer to the following Youtube clips: When KALI Electron gun burnt 140 PAK Soldiers - operation "Whitewash" and Indian KALI electron gun superior than US LaWS Laser Gun.

If you go on Youtube, you'll see many videos of various people from different countries who make videos to promote their countries' military and technological advancement. Today's countries (not just India) boast about their weapons as well as put their trust and dependence on the power from such weapons. No matter how powerful a weapon is, whatever humans make has the chance to malfunction/fail. It is much better to trust in God for your defense. God is much more powerful than any weapon that humans could ever make. God has power over even nature which has menaced humans throughout history (ex. earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.). People fear asteroids and meteors destroying the earth. However, who is in control of the objects in space? God. God can use nature to destroy armies a…

Have you passed the most important test in your life?

The most important test that you need to pass in your life on earth ispassing from spiritual death into eternal life. Every person is conceived as a result of human passion. However, the moment you are born into this world, you are born into spiritual death (you are born with a sinful nature which causes you to sin and rebel against God). You inherit a sinful nature from your parents which has it's roots from the first parents- Adam and Eve. According to God's standards, flesh and blood (our physical bodies corrupted by sin) can't inherit the Kingdom of God in eternity (refer to 1 Cor. 15:50). Thus, the only solution to this is for you to have a spiritual type of rebirth (regeneration) that can only be done by the Holy Ghost. You receive the Holy Ghost when you repent, turn away from your sins, put your faith in Jesus Christ, and become baptized both with water and the Holy Ghost and fire (refer to Acts 2:38; Matthew 3:11; John 3:5; Acts 20:21;  and Acts 26:20).

John 3:3-1…