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If Darth Vader became an evangelist to atheists

I love the dialogues in various Star Wars movies and cartoons. I wanted to turn some of them into a humorous depiction of Darth Vader turning from the dark side and becoming an evangelist to confront atheists based on his interactions with Luke Skywalker (from the movie- Episode 5- The Empire Strikes Back) and Ahsoka Tano (from Star Wars Rebels) in the fictional Star Wars universe.

Atheist- Nice to see you Vader. I heard you became an evangelist. I thought you were all about the dark side.
Evangelist Vader- You may dispense with the pleasantries. Do you have some time to talk about God?

Atheist- Vader, you should know better than to trust in some 2,000 year old ancient text called the Bible and believe in an entity which you can't even see. We use science and logic to rationalize what we choose to believe in. We can clearly see evolution at work and it is our father.

Evangelist Vader- Don't be too proud of your evidence based reasoning. The ability to reason in this manner is …