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The deception behind the doctrine of atonement/propitiation (PSA)

Please read the entire articles from the following links and study them carefully to get a proper understanding regarding the deception behind PSA (penal substitutionary atonement). I'm only quoting couple of statements from these articles below just to give you a brief glimpse.

The first thing to understand is how false teachers use various Bible translations to propagate false doctrines (Bible translators have been shown to have doctrinal bias when translating and producing various Bible translations). Thus, you are getting a biased translation/interpretation which is deviant from what Scripture really says. Next, it's also important to understand why you commonly come across KJV Onlyism supporters within Calvinist denominations (ex. Plymouth Brethren/Kerala Brethren, Southern Baptists, etc.). They demand people only to use KJV in order to gaslight people (justify their false doctrines to them in a deceptive and convincing way). Thus, they will go to great lengths to deceive…

Brethren vs Pentecostal debate (Snehasamvadham)

Couple of months back, various Malayalee Brethren and Pentecostal Bible teachers came together to have a debate regarding various topics. Refer to the following links:

(1). Pentacost-Brethren Snehasamvadham- Dallas 2016

(2).Post-debate thoughts by Pr. Shibu Peediakal and Br. Ashish Jacob

(3).Pr. Shibu Peediakal refuting Brethren Assembly Preachers again

One of the topics that Pastor Shibu has addressed in various clips on his Youtube channel is regarding speaking in tongues (which of course, the Brethren teach that this gift has ceased with the early Church). Personally, I don't believe that the gift of tongues has ceased. Will all believers speak in tongues to demonstrate they have been baptized by the Holy Ghost? It's a very controversial question and subject. From studying Scripture, I personally haven't been convinced that speaking in tongues is a mandatory requirement for all believers. Each has a different gift that the Holy Ghost gives them in order to minister to o…