Sociopaths destroy Malayalee churches

Refer to the following Youtube clips to see church fights within a Brethren church, a Mar Thoma church as well as ongoing feuds between Pentecostal pastors:

Fight within a Brethren church

Fight within a Mar Thoma church

Fighting among Pentecostals-1

Fighting among Pentecostals- 2 

Fighting among Pentecostals- 3

It's sad to see such things happening in any church, regardless of denomination, but I'm not surprised by it at all. It's sad seeing and hearing children crying as they see their fathers (I'm guessing) fighting. I remember a Brethren preacher once saying that Brethren churches have a problem with people in it trying to peck at each other like birds do (though I believe this is also prevalent among other Malayalee Christian denominations as well as among non-Christians- in other words, it is prevalent among Indians regardless of religion or state). It really is a major problem and it's characteristic of narcissistic sociopaths. Sociopaths are experts at trying to get under the skin of people to make them retaliate and then making them look bad in front of others. They also love to create fights between people (i.e. people who they don't like)- so they can start problems by telling one person that another person is saying things about them behind their backs (gossip). I've come across such dangerous sociopaths but initially (when I was younger), I wasn't aware of their tactics nor aware of the disorder sociopathy (aka antisocial personality disorder). It's only later on that I learned about such things. The Brethren churches' theology is based on sociopathic ideologies like Calvinism/Free Grace theology. It attracts as well as creates sociopaths in their churches who are a menace to the churches themselves. Thus, they just end up destroying each other, as evidenced by this clip (i.e. the first link I've given above). Their doctrines promote licentiousness and that's what is causing problems between church members (sociopaths believe that they can abuse God's grace and forgiveness to mistreat their fellow church members). That's why I agree with Pastor Shibu Peediakal in another clip where he responds to the Brethren and tells them to dissolve. People in such denominations who are disheartened and hurt by such churches should get out of them, otherwise they will be destroyed by the sociopaths who have infested such churches. However, the truth is that, it's hard to find a genuine and godly church today which teaches correct doctrines without false doctrines being incorporated with them. Thus, some people are forced to think that it's better to remain in such dead churches as they can't see any other better alternatives. Christianity has become really sad and pathetic all in thanks to the father of sociopathy- Satan. I look forward to his torment in eternity :) Out of Satan's hatred for Christianity, he influences carnal minded "Christians" (those who love and justify licentiousness through their doctrines) to destroy their churches as well as themselves. That's why he's the ultimate sociopath (he causes problems between people as well as get them to destroy themselves). Satan markets his carnal minded/false form of Christianity to people as it appeals to their sinful nature. Just like how people market unhealthy foods, sodas, etc. which destroy the body and which also appeal to man's sinful nature, in a similar way, Satan markets carnal minded Christianity to destroy both body and soul (i.e. make man subject to God's eternal punishment by not getting rid of sin from their lives, but instead deceive them to justify it through deceptive doctrines).

When you see such sociopathic behavior among Christianity, they are no different from the sociopathic radical Islamic terrorists throughout the world (you are seeing radical Christians). Radical Christians may not bomb and kill others with weapons like radical Islamists do, but they do engage in psychological warfare (psychological abuse) which can be just as deadly. Psychological abuse can have grave consequences on the health of their victims, even able to cause heart attacks in people. Stay away from such terrorists.