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Church ostracism/psychological abuse for elitist purposes

Refer to this clip [Restored: On the brink of abortion] to see a young Malayalee Christian couple share their story regarding the contemplation of abortion. It took guts for this couple to come out with their entire story. This is the first time I've seen a Christian Malayalee couple come out publicly to reveal their pre-marital relationship and the contemplation of abortion from their past. It's really unheard of in the Malayalee community as it fuels the fire for shaming. As they said, it's tough being raised and living in a Malayalee environment as they crucify/shame people. It's not only prevalent in the Indian Brethren and Pentecostal church environments, it's also rampant among other denominations as well as among non-Christians (Hindus, Muslims, etc.). They (both adults and the youth) are experts at bullying/psychologically abusing people when caught in sin (it's a cultic environment). I remember coming across older youth leaders who were no better than the older adults who wanted to catch you doing something wrong in order to gossip about that and bully you. They themselves were hypocrites as they would drink, party and fornicate themselves (which they would then go and condemn others for as well as condemn others based on other things). They act just like their parents. Not only do they (both youth and adults) psychologically abuse people regarding sins, they also instill inadequacies in people regarding their physical looks (skin color, height, weight), material blessings, success in education, career, etc. What's worse is that they tend to be hypocrites about it. It's not like all of these older adults have remained sexually pure during their time in India. I've learned that they tend to hide a lot of things and then hypocritically gossip and bully you (they are dangerous sociopaths). I personally made a decision to never go back into that type of Malayalee church environment ever again, as they will drive people insane with their psychological abuse. They can kill you with their abuse (I've seen people getting heart attacks among adults in the midst of their competition with each other as well as bullying each other). Eventually, they end up destroying each other, as everyone hungers to be the elitists in their own assemblies (wanting to be able to dominate others). Elitists are narcissistic sociopaths [i.e. narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder- both of which are mental disorders]. You're dealing with the most dangerous type of mentally abnormal people. They use parameters like money and superficial/fake spirituality to establish their dominance in their assemblies. They themselves preach about everyone being atoned for by Jesus' blood and having imputed righteousness. Based on this, they preach that they are not supposed to judge among each other as everyone must be seen as righteous no matter what sins they do (as everyone must be seen as perfect in Jesus Christ). However, they love to judge/criticize/insult others based on their past sins, skin tone, height, weight, education, employment, etc. Thus, to judge/insult others is equivalent to judging/insulting God (by their own doctrines). When they contradict their own teachings, it's evidence of Satan and his demonic spirits working in them (refer to Ephesians 2:2 and 2 Timothy 2:26). Malayalees love to put down others in order to elevate themselves. If a person is attractive, out of their own inferiority complex or hatred/envy, they will try to find a blemish/weakness to criticize in order to manipulate people and destroy their self-esteem. They will do this in order to manipulate others into desiring them (by making them think that they are not good enough in the first place and must beg/be desperate for their acceptance).
Malayalees also love to gossip as well as provoke other people's anger by telling them what other people are saying about them. It's Satanic (narcissistic sociopathic) behavior. I'd like to point out that sociopaths can use both charm/flattery/compliments as well as insults/criticism and instilling fears/doubts to manipulate others.
When they engage in such hypocritical bullying, they end up contradicting their own doctrines. If you confront them regarding that, they will proceed to gaslight you [i.e. demand that you forgive them and love them even if they are hypocrites for not practicing the same towards you]. What you can learn is that such elitists only apply such doctrines to themselves to allow themselves to dominate others in their assemblies. They also use psychological abuse/ostracism/shaming to achieve mind control. For example, Indian parents may use the examples of shamed/disgraced individuals to use as an example to their own children, all in order to achieve mind control over them and manipulate them for their own agendas (ex. try to demonize dating and instead promote arranged marriage). Malayalee churches are dangerous cults which promote a family + church cultic environment that caters to psychological abuse.
The Indian women in such churches are also puppet-masters working behind the scenes (they can be seen as cult leaders who use their husbands as acting leaders, since women themselves can't take general body leadership positions, and children to be their proxy to accomplish their own agendas). They are some of the most dangerous narcissistic sociopaths (they are terrorists who engage in psychological warfare). They love competing with another and bullying each other in order to satisfy their narcissistic agendas (ego). This narcissistic war with each other will enlist those around them (i.e. their husband and children). For example, they will boast about their children's accomplishments and belittle other people's children for not matching up to that. This type of psychological warfare then affects such women who then become obsessed in trying to match up to their female competitors. They will carry this psychological poison to their families and can then psychologically abuse their husbands and children for not matching up to others. Thus, they can be your source of depression. Husbands will find themselves competing with other men in the assembly for leadership positions and taking Bible studies, adult Sunday school classes, and sermons. Thus, such assemblies become a mental asylum for narcissistic sociopaths.

Carnal minded/sociopathic Malayalee Christians don't really know what it means to be the Body of Christ [refer to 1 Corinthians 12:12-27]. They turn their local body [i.e. local assembly] into a body with an autoimmune disorder. Just like how the body's antibodies turn against self-antigens on one’s own tissues in an autoimmune disorder, the same happens in such carnal minded church environments, where the members turn against each other out of their desire to dominate each other. Jesus Himself said that such a house/church can't remain standing [refer to Mark 3:25 and Matthew 12:25]. That's why it's common to observe people leaving such churches and/or church splits occurring. They know only how to divide, instead of growing together as one body by serving and treating each other with humility [refer to Philippians 2:3]. Refer also to Galatians 5:15.
 I only hope that this couple's story will help other youth to learn of the risks/consequences of pre-marital relationships. In college, I used to get ridiculed by even non-Christian Indians (both older adults and peers my own age) for not being seen with a girl. They had no clue what I had to go through fending off the eyes of Malayalee Christians (both adults and youth) who were watching my every move [aka gang stalking] to catch me for anything in order to crucify me. I've seen fellow church members and my own relatives get in on the action by trying to establish contacts with people they knew that were in my college. They share their intel/dossier on their targets with each other. This carries on to even when they're trying to arrange your marriage. The Indian community are experts at gang stalking. Intelligence/espionage agencies could find such sociopaths useful as their own recruits. I stayed away from relationships during college which had its tormenting aspects also (it's not easy being single in the midst of other couples). What I realized was that I was just surrounded by sociopaths (whether at church or outside of church) and I just couldn't win either way (i.e. if you get into a pre-marital relationship, you're the target of the Malayalee Christian community and if you don't, then your sexual orientation/virginity status can be questioned and mocked by non-Christians).

It was an eye opener for me to see how Malayalee youth in America are having to face the decisions of abortion nowadays, because of the sexual choices they make. That is scary (as it shows how much they are deviating from their conservative upbringing), so I hope the youth will learn to abstain from sexual relations before marriage. It's not easy, and it's a hard road, but that's what helps keep you safe from consequences like abortion and having unplanned children.
Glad that this couple had a good friend (named Abey) who was willing to risk his friendship to save their child's life. Those are the good friends that are hard to find (i.e. those who have a good spiritual perspective regarding such difficult issues). Other friends can go with the flow of the rest of society [a society infested with sociopaths who have a dead conscience in regards to the murder of a fetus, as they could care less about God's standards of righteousness and instead want to establish their own moral standards], and then influence and support you to make decisions which you can later regret. It's disturbing when there are Christians out there who try to justify their deviant moral standards by saying that God loves you no matter what sins you do, even murder/abortion. It wasn't too long ago when a "Christian" named George Sodini, who had the same type of mentality, committed mass murder in the U.S. [refer to As a Father].
When you promote licentiousness like that, you end up creating dangerous sociopaths. Always important to have true Christian friends in your life to help you understand such things.

There's something really Satanic/demonic about the Malayalee/Indian community (even among Christians). I've come across all sorts of Malayalee Christians from different denominations as well as non-denominational. Gundaism (both in and outside of the church) is only one aspect. One of the most disgusting things I've observed is the prevalence of bisexuality of males among them (I've seen this in non-Christian Indians also). It's really disturbing. You'd never think that as you have the tendency to be blinded by their superficial charm/friendliness, fake spirituality and conservative upbringing. We're living in the last days, when wickedness will only get worse, especially among Christians. Look at the state of the youth. How many of them engage in fornication and have multiple partners before marriage? How many secretly do abortions to cover up their wickedness? By the time they get married, they become murderous harlots (and they still are demanding/have pride). Recently, I was talking to an older Malayalee man and he was telling me how many married Malayalee couples are in unhappy relationships and some Mallu (Malayalee) women even have extramarital affairs with African American men [because they want a better sexual satisfaction- a perverted agenda (sexual elitism) which society promotes]. I was stunned to hear that from an older Mallu man. When he found out that I was not attending a Malayalee church, he questioned that and was trying to make me feel like it was going to have its consequences in the future (I'm guessing my marriage prospect). Didn't feel like arguing with a nutjob who admits to the sociopathic hypocrisy in the Mallu community but then promotes the need to being in such a cultic environment. It only made me realize further of how dangerous older Mallus are. They have their sociopathic agendas and will do whatever it takes to brainwash people to join their elitist cults (especially their children/youth). I wanted to say, "no thanks, I rather not be part of a such mental asylum," but I smiled it away and reminded myself to stay away from the Mallu Christian community. It's just a disgusting mind controlling and psychologically abusive environment where you become the target of sociopaths. Older Mallus (ex. parents and other older people) are experts at "gaslighting" and "love bombing" to manipulate you for their agendas.

These days, older Mallu adults are exposing each other online through social media, out of their envy, competition and hatred for each other. I think hypocrisy among older Mallus has been prevalent for a long time, but it's been well hidden by them. However, as Jesus promised, everything that is done in secret (whether done by young people or older people) will be eventually revealed to everyone [refer to Matthew 10:26]. I believe the hypocrites among the older Malayalees need to be exposed which many among them have already started doing. Refer to Jude Mission's Youtube channel to see them exposing people like Prophet Tijo Thomas and Pastor Shameer Kollam

Jude Mission's videos

Satan and his demons love to try and find the sins of poor believers in order to get them into trouble with God as well as humiliate them publicly (Satan is known as the Accuser of the saints). However, they don't condemn their own puppets (i.e. human false prophets/teachers). Bunch of sociopathic hypocrites. Publicly crucify/humiliate Satan, his demons, and their human puppets (by exposing their evil works), as they show no mercy to anyone else. May the Lord reveal the truth by bringing about the sudden destruction of all false teachers and carnal minded impostors (i.e. the agents of Satan) who have infiltrated Christianity to destroy and discredit it. How long have have they been doing such wickedness and getting away with it? It's time for the Lord to wipe them off of the face of this earth. These are the sex predators who preach about God's grace and how they are saved solely by His grace [i.e. sola fide (by faith alone) and sola gratia (by grace alone) and how their salvation is unaffected even if they are sexually immoral (as they believe that obedience to God through sexual purity is considered as a good works based salvation). They pervert the grace of God into licentiousness.

2 Peter 2:1-3 (NLT):
But there were also false prophets in Israel, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will cleverly teach destructive heresies and even deny the Master who bought them. In this way, they will bring sudden destruction on themselves. 2 Many will follow their evil teaching and shameful immorality. And because of these teachers, the way of truth will be slandered. 3 In their greed they will make up clever lies to get hold of your money. But God condemned them long ago, and their destruction will not be delayed.

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