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Pastor Shibu Peediakal appreciates some aspects regarding the Brethren

In this clip [refer to Pastor Shibu appreciating the Brethren], Pastor Shibu was criticizing his fellow Pentecostal churches as many among them promote false teachings regarding the Holy Trinity and the deity of Christ.
He appreciated the Plymouth Brethren/Kerala Brethren/Indian Brethren churches for promoting the right teachings regarding such subjects. While the Brethren may teach the right things about the Holy Trinity and the deity of Christ, Pastor Shibu has exposed the Brethren in another clip regarding many of their false teachings. Refer to Pastor Shibu exposing and refuting Brethren teachers.

These are the points he made regarding what the Brethren teach:
(1). teaching that any church who has more than 100 members are to be classified as pigs [in reference to Pentecostal/charismatic churches]
(2). teaching that the Church is divided into different ages. This is based on their misinterpretation of the 7 churches in Revelation. They preach that since the Brethren church formed in the 1800s and are called the "Brethren," they represent the Philadelphia (meaning brotherly love) church in Revelation. They further teach that Pentecostal churches formed later in America and represent the Laodicean church mentioned in Revelation.
(3). ridiculing and questioning the spirituality of those who marry late
(4). talking in a demeaning/disrespectful manner regarding women
(5). calling the Bible a black book
(6). false teachings regarding eschatology and pneumatology
(7). boasting about Mahatma Gandhi experiencing God's love by seeing them
(8). claiming that the apostles only healed congenital diseases. They are cessationalists and live in staunch denial of spiritual gifts like healing others from all diseases, tongues, etc. It shows that they have no faith in God's word. They are like atheists in this regard as well as other things. For example, just like atheists, they don't believe in free will. Atheists propagate evolutionary psychology to negate free will and explain human behavior [i.e. why humans behave in an evil manner]. Refer to Evolutionary Psychology: Why It Fails as a Science and Is Dangerous.

Calvinists like the Brethren propagate predestination/unconditional election to negate free will. I remember Pastor Shibu saying in another clip that the Brethren don't really believe in the power of prayer as they think everything is predestined in their lives. Refer to Pastor Shibu's thoughts after debate with the Brethren.

I've seen many of them being experts at destroying people's faith by instilling doubts/fears into them [they are sociopaths]. Instead of building up people's faith, they destroy whatever seed of faith that has been placed in them by God [refer to Matthew 13:19]. This is part of the demoralization component of psychological warfare/psychological operations (PSYWAR/PSYOP). Refer to the following articles:

Wikipedia- Psychological warfare

Wikipedia- Demoralization

Such psychological warfare is done by them in order to establish their elitism [dominance over others]. This only proves how much demons work through them. They also pervert God's grace into licentiousness [refer to Jude 1:4] through their various doctrines. The Bible says that such people who pervert God's grace into licentiousness have denied Jesus Christ. Thus, they become atheists, when they deny Jesus Christ. They are not part of the genuine Church, but rather a deceptive, Satanic, and pagan cult.

Therefore, even though the Brethren may teach their children the right views regarding the Holy Trinity and the deity of Christ, they also deceive and brainwash their children with many false teachings. The Bible says that even demons know that there is only one God [refer to James 2:19] and they also recognize Jesus Christ as the Son of God [refer to Matthew 8:29]. Thus, even demons know that God exists as the Holy Trinity [God in 3 persons] and they also believe in the deity of Jesus Christ. However, that doesn't stop demons from being evil, deceiving humans to doubt God's word and propagate false teachings. Just because demons believe in certain Biblical truths, can they be classified as genuine believers? No.
The Brethren are a group who follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons [refer to 1 Timothy 4:1-2]. They have a dead, demonic type of faith [they profess certain things to be true, but deny other aspects of God's word]. Thus, to appreciate them even regarding some things, is an utter abomination as that would be supporting the works of demons.

Their dead demonic faith is what is causing them and their children to be like birds who peck at each other in their own congregations [which their own preachers admit], as well as even insult other denominations like charismatics [by calling them pigs]. Here are some examples of their pecking (psychological abuse/psychological terrorism) I've personally observed from various Brethren people [both males and females among fellow church members, family, and relatives]:
(1). target your confidence and make you doubt success in your education/exams, career
(2). trying to instill inadequacies in you by trying to compare you with other people's success
(3). provoke you by saying what others are saying about you
(4). target confidence in your various talents (ex. singing)
(5). distract you with video games and TV shows in order to sabotage your academic success
(6). provoke you by sharing with you their dark fantasies (ex. desiring to see your death so that they can succeed and take your place)
(7). trying to go through your personal belongings (ex. snooping in your room, computer, checking your social media accounts) to find anything that they can use to incriminate/crucify you in front of others, ostracize you, put guilt trips on you. and put guilt trips on you. As a group, [i.e. family, relatives, and church members] they can join together to engage in gang stalking against you.
(8). provoke you to try and find fault in others (including them) by provoking you with their behavior and comments against you or by comparing you with others (ex. based on wealth/material blessings, spirituality, etc.) and instill inadequacies in you and thereby provoke you to go and find the deficiencies/faults in others.
This is the work of Satan and demonic spirits working through narcissistic sociopaths to start fights between people while they stand by and enjoy the fight.
(9). manipulate you for their own agendas (ex. parents trying to manipulate you into accepting an arranged/forced marriage)

It shows what kind of dangerous sociopaths that they are and also the hidden desires of Satan to destroy you which he tries to accomplish through such people. They will do whatever it takes to prevent you from succeeding in order to maintain their elitism. They use success in their academics and career to deceive others to think that God's favor is on them. However, God has already warned the world through the Bible that such impostors among Christians will flourish during the last days and will deceive others as well as deceive themselves into their eternal destruction.

2 Timothy 3:13 (NLT):
 But evil people and impostors will flourish. They will deceive others and will themselves be deceived.

The Indian women in such churches are also puppet-masters working behind the scenes (they can be seen as cult leaders who use their husbands as acting leaders, since women themselves can't take general body leadership positions, and children to be their proxy to accomplish their own agendas). They are some of the most dangerous narcissistic sociopaths (they are terrorists who engage in psychological warfare). They love competing with another and bullying each other in order to satisfy their narcissistic agendas (ego). This narcissistic war with each other will enlist those around them (i.e. their husband and children). For example, they will boast about their children's accomplishments and belittle other people's children for not matching up to that. This type of psychological warfare then affects such women who then become obsessed in trying to match up to their female competitors. They will carry this psychological poison to their families and can then psychologically abuse their husbands and children for not matching up to others. Thus, they can be your source of depression. Husbands will find themselves competing with other men in the assembly for leadership positions and taking Bible studies, adult Sunday school classes, and sermons. Thus, such assemblies become a mental asylum for narcissistic sociopaths.

They do all of these things while preaching that Jesus has atoned for everyone's sins, everyone has imputed righteousness and therefore no one can judge each other. The elitists among them (who want to maintain their dominance and power) apply such doctrines only to themselves so that:
(1). when you catch them doing something wrong, they can gaslight you and say that they have many shortcomings and that you must forgive, forget and love them. It shows what kind of dangerous sociopathic they are.
(2). when they catch you in sin, they can crucify you in order to maintain their elitism. If you point them to their own doctrines and ask why the hypocritical condemnation, they will demand that you forgive them for not forgiving you. Again, another form of gaslighting which shows what kind of dangerous sociopaths that they are.

I believe that they are not the only sociopathic Indian churches. I believe that other Indian denominations are pretty much the same in their sociopathic elitist behavior.

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