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Pastor Shibu Peediakal: Why Pentecostal churches have fallen?

One of the things Pastor Shibu mentioned in this clip [refer to Why Pentecostal churches have fallen?] was that traditional Pentecostal churches engage in church politics all the while ignoring the spiritual struggles of young people. He was saying how this is causing the younger generation to flock to "new generation Pentecostal churches."
If the younger generation are flocking to the "new generation Pentecostal" churches," it's probably not because they want to find freedom from sins like sexual immorality. For example, Grace Community ministry promotes the finished atoning work of Christ, which is used by many carnal minded Christians today to promote antinomianism and licentiousness. Pentecostals should read what Joseph Hillary King (a Pentecostal theologian) wrote regarding the heresy promoted among Pentecostals regarding this topic. Refer to "A Reader in Pentecostal Theology: Voices from the First Generation". You can also refer to my other blog post where I've quoted Joseph Hillary King's statements. Refer to Understanding the psychology of Pentecostals.

When the word "grace" is overemphasized by ministries (especially using that as the way to lure/attract people), always be cautious of them promoting licentiousness. The Bible warns that there will be ungodly people in churches who pervert God's grace into licentiousness [refer to Jude 1:4]. I don't know what exactly Grace Community and Grace for Nations teach regarding grace and sin, but my guess is that it promotes the same teachings that other Christians groups like Baptists, Plymouth Brethren/Kerala Brethren teach regarding this. Sinners love preachers who promote licentiousness.

The younger generation probably flock to the new generation churches because:
(1). they can find preachers who promote licentiousness
(2). the new generation churches can be modernized social clubs which resemble night clubs. I've seen clips of pastors from Grace Community creating a night club type of environment for their meetings. Refer to Pastor Yul Brynner laughing and dancing.

Such night club like environments will attract young people also.

(3). They've probably gotten tired of the church politics, feuds, psychological abuse at the hands of the older generation of Malayalee Pentecostals [ex. instilling inadequacies in them regarding their superficial spirituality/ being active in church, material blessings/educational success by getting prestigious degrees/success in career, etc. Again, traditional Malayalee churches have ongoing fights between extremist conservatives [i.e. those who ban jeans, jewelry, etc.] and extremist liberals [i.e. those who dress immodestly, wear too much makeup, wear too much jewelry, show off too much, etc. Thus, extremist conservatives can drive away both the liberal minded as well as even the moderates among their assemblies.
I'm not Pentecostal, but I was in another Malayalee denomination. One of the reasons I left that environment is because it was a narcissistic sociopathic environment. Everything they do was to show off and bring glory to themselves while trying to put down others (i.e. elitism).  They were also hypocrites to a very toxic extent. I believe that's a problem with all traditional minded Malayalees [regardless of denomination/religion].

The solution to save the Church today is:
(1). Repent and get rid of sinful practices [pride, desire for fame, prosperity gospel, elitism/church politics, narcissism, sociopathy, sexual immorality, etc.]. Learn to serve each other in humility, instead of trying to compete with each other and outdo each other. The youth are asking how to overcome sexual immorality. What does the Bible say in how to overcome your sinful nature? Refer to Galatians 5:16-26. Submit yourself to the Holy Spirit, then you won't be doing what the sinful nature wants you to do.

(2). Get rid of false doctrines, especially things which compromise on sin/promote licentiousness/abuse the grace of God. Tongues is another subject which Pentecostals overemphasize. Do not make tongues as a mandatory requirement for all believers in order to be certified as a Pentecostal. Give them the freedom to exercise it if the Holy Spirit has given them that gift. However, if someone doesn't speak in tongues, they should not be harassed and discriminated against [refer to 1 Corinthians 12:7-11,30].

1 Corinthians 12:10-11,30 (NLT):
He gives one person the power to perform miracles, and another the ability to prophesy. He gives someone else the ability to discern whether a message is from the Spirit of God or from another spirit. Still another person is given the ability to speak in unknown languages, while another is given the ability to interpret what is being said. 11 It is the one and only Spirit who distributes all these gifts. He alone decides which gift each person should have.

30 Do we all have the gift of healing? Do we all have the ability to speak in unknown languages? Do we all have the ability to interpret unknown languages? Of course not!

When false teachings are promoted along with bullying/discrimination/psychological abuse, such churches end up destroying themselves. They turn their local body (church) of Christ into a body with an autoimmune disorder. In an autoimmune disorder, the human body's antibodies attack self-antigens found on one's own tissues. The same happens when believers in a church feud with each other. Refer to 1 Corinthians 12:4-31; Galatians 5:13-15 and Philippians 2:3-4.

Also, regarding the appeals of many churches in India for their desire to install air conditioning in their churches, I believe couple of things needs to be kept in mind by such churches as well as believers with the financial resources to help them:

(1). Such churches who have such needs should try to have a minimalist approach to life. Don't try to match up to what other churches in India are doing [ex. trying to add luxuries to their churches]. Indians have a major problem with narcissism (trying to show off and instilling inadequacies in others). This is the basis for elitism seen in Indian society [ex. discrimination based on caste/social status, etc.). This same elitism is now being seen in churches [i.e. carnal minded Christians trying to dominate others based on financial superiority and fake/superficial form of godliness]. These carnal minded elitists are well known to look down on others, insult others/psychologically abuse others in order to dominate them by instilling inadequacies in them. This has even caused many people to turn into such carnal minded elitists as they think that is the pattern for them to follow in order to have status and be respected. Remember always that God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the wise and strong. Don't let the wise and strong blind you regarding that truth. If you remain humble and ignore the psychological warfare waged against you by such carnal minded narcissistic sociopaths, God will use you to shame them. I say this from my own experience. I've been a victim of psychological abuse myself. However, after a while, God gave me the words and wisdom to shame and expose them and their false teachings. Refer to Isaiah 41:14-16; Isaiah 51:7-8,16; and 1 Corinthians 1:26-29. When people [especially fellow Christians] look down on you for your weaknesses, boast about your weaknesses to them and tell them that God's power is made perfect in your weaknesses [refer to 2 Corinthians 12:9].

Learn to question your own desires and see if the world is trying to influence you to become carnal minded to pursue its various luxuries [learn to establish boundaries]. Be content with whatever you have and always ask God for your needs. India is a country with a hot and humid climate, so asking for air conditioning is not unreasonable. However, if you don't get it, learn to be content. We live in a fallen world, and even among Christians, regarding financial matters, people will feel reluctant to help others. Always, put your requests before God and let Him answer your requests.

(2). Believers who have the financial resources should try to understand what those who are less privileged than them are going through. We all feel the pinch when we see someone else having more material blessings than us. It's just human nature. Many times that can turn into envy and covetousness. How do you think it feels when a person eats to his content in front of a person who has no food or eating fine cuisine/expensive food in front of a person who can't afford such food. It's the same with air conditioning. Imagine how much a person can be tormented in hot weather seeing someone else enjoying the cool air from air conditioning, but they themselves are not able to enjoy it. Imagine what kind of torment the poor among you go through when they see you enjoying material blessings. Those who have the financial resources should do whatever they can to bring joy and happiness to the poor among them. For when you help such people, you are helping Christ Himself [refer to Matthew 25:34-46]. May we learn to be like the early Church who shared everything with each other as well as go to the point of selling their possessions in order to meet the financial needs of the needy among them [refer to Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-37].

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