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Sociopaths destroy Malayalee churches

Refer to the following Youtube clips to see church fights within a Brethren church, a Mar Thoma church as well as ongoing feuds between Pentecostal pastors:

Fight within a Brethren church

Fight within a Mar Thoma church

Fighting among Pentecostals-1

Fighting among Pentecostals- 2 

Fighting among Pentecostals- 3

It's sad to see such things happening in any church, regardless of denomination, but I'm not surprised by it at all. It's sad seeing and hearing children crying as they see their fathers (I'm guessing) fighting. I remember a Brethren preacher once saying that Brethren churches have a problem with people in it trying to peck at each other like birds do (though I believe this is also prevalent among other Malayalee Christian denominations as well as among non-Christians- in other words, it is prevalent among Indians regardless of religion or state). It really is a major problem and it's characteristic of narcissistic sociopaths. Sociopaths are experts at trying to …

Satan's marketing of carnal minded Christianity among Pentecostals and the Brethren

I'll be sharing my thoughts in regards to what Pastor Shibu Peediakal shared in his video regarding the topic of tongues/charismatic gifts (refer to A response to Brethren arguments).

On SBC's  (Southern Baptist Convention) official website under their FAQ (refer to SBC FAQ), regarding their stance on tongues/other charismatic gifts, they state the following: "There is no official SBC view or stance on the issue. If you polled SBC churches across the nation on the topic of "charismatic" practices you would likely find a variety of perspectives. Probably most believe that the "gift of tongues" as described in the Bible ceased upon the completion of the Bible. Some may view speaking in tongues as a spiritual gift given to some Christians enabling them to communicate the Gospel to foreign cultures in a language the speaker had not known previously. A very small minority might accept what is commonly practiced today in charismatic churches as valid." …