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Kerala Brethren

I remember reading a comment from a Brethren person for a Youtube clip regarding the Pentecostal teaching of mandatory requirement of tongues for believers (refer to Making tongues a mandatory requirement in order be certified as a Pentecostal). This person was saying how such Pentecostal teachers can't fool everyone to believe their false teachings. Furthermore, regarding the criticism of Pentecostals against the Brethren (in regards to their cessationalism), this person further stated that Brethren churches with intelligence and God's love would rise up. I replied to that person in the following way:
"How is that possible when they themselves are known to be sociopaths? Their entire theology is based on sociopathic ideologies like Calvinism/Free Grace theology (which promote licentiousness). Once, I heard a Brethren preacher say that the Brethren churches have a problem in them regarding their members pecking at each other like birds do. This is God's love? The Mala…

Pastor Shameer Kollam: The rise of prosperity gospel

Refer to the following Youtube clip (Pastor Shameer Kollam calling out Pastor Babu Cherian) to see Pastor Shameer Kollam (a Pentecostal pastor) calling out another Pentecostal for preaching a prosperity gospel.

I just wanted to share my thoughts regarding this topic:
(1). Pastor Shameer hit the bulls-eye regarding this topic of prosperity gospel/carnal minded Christianity. He should be applauded for taking a stand against carnality. However, many people will hate what he preaches because they are no different from the Israelites in the Old Testament and during Jesus' time (refer to Luke 6:20-26). They rather applaud the carnal minded preachers who will say whatever to please their itching ears (sinful nature), as they are narcissistic sociopaths- people with dead consciences who hate what is good and instead love what is evil. They are the very children of the devil (refer to John 8:42-47; 1 Timothy 4:1-2; 1 John 3:3-19 and 3 John 1:11). John the Baptist and Yeshua (Jesus) came ac…

Many Christians don't know how to explain salvation

Refer to the following Youtube clip (RSS activist posing as a pastor) to see the conversation between two Malayalees [i.e. a Christian named Binu conversing with and exposing a RSS activist (Hindu nationalist) named Manu, posing as a pastor].

As I saw this clip, I was reminded how regarding the topic of salvation, many Malayalee Christians (as well as Christians from other races) don't know how to explain salvation to others, especially the critics/enemies of Christianity. When the RSS “pastor” asked Binu regarding what Jesus saved him from, I was expecting a good answer. However, his answer stopped at Christ's life being taken on the cross. Then he jumped to accusing the RSS “pastor” of not knowing the answer to his own question and that's why he's engaging in such wicked behavior (posing as a pastor to deceive people). Not trying to troll Binu, but I've come across plenty of Malayalee Christians who can't explain salvation to others. The central point in expl…

Pastor John Lawrence: A perversion of grace and the Gospel

Refer to the following Youtube clip (Pastor John Lawrence on grace and the Gospel) to see Pastor John Lawrence's views regarding the topics of grace, the Gospel/salvation, and licentiousness.

Pastor John Lawrence stated in the beginning that there were no rules in the Garden of Eden and creation (including Adam and Eve) enjoyed the greatest amount of God's grace there. That is wrong. God clearly created rules in the Garden of Eden. He forbid Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (refer to Genesis 2:9). God's grace was present before and after their disobedience, however, His grace wasn't meant to be used as a means to sin (nor was it the cause of their sin) as He clearly warned of the consequence for disobeying Him- which was death. The cause of sin was man's own choice to disobey God out of their free will (they wanted the perks of disobedience- i.e. receiving the knowledge to become like God- knowing both good and evil). It was narci…

Pastor Shibu Peediakal: Everything is permissible for a believer?

Refer to the following Youtube clip (Shibu Peediakal: Everything is permissible for a believer) to see Pastor Shibu Peediakal giving a confusing message of what he thinks it means to be no longer under the Old Testament Law.

Pastor Shibu Peediakal basically states that since we (New Testament believers) are God's temple/the Body of Christ, God's Law is not applicable to us. He emphasizes that everything is permissible for a believer.
If God's Law is not applicable to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, does this mean that Old Testament laws related to homosexuality/bisexuality, adultery, fornication, obeying your parents, idolatry, etc. are all nullified? Is homosexuality/bisexuality, pedophilia, incest, disobeying your parents, idolatry, fornication, adultery/open marriages/swinging, divorce, etc. are all now permissible for a New Testament believer? When Christian preachers easily say we are no longer under the Law, if they fail to correctly explain that, they end up pr…

Jude Mission: Cultic requirements of Pentecostals

Refer to the following Youtube link (Making tongues a mandatory requirement to be certified as a Pentecostal) to see Malayalee Pentecostal preachers promoting their cultic requirement of tongues (i.e. requiring all believers to demonstrate tongues in order to be accepted by them/be certified as a Pentecostal). Jude Mission deleted many of my comments (which are truths that I shared) linked to their videos, which shows their own dishonest practices of trying to cover up the truth. It shows how most Malayalee Christians are so fake and carnal minded impostors. Unfortunately for them, they can't delete my comments/thoughts from my own blog. Thus, the truths that I shared will remain on the internet which will continue to expose the fake Christianity that is flourishing around us. It made me realize how Satan goes to great lengths to cover up the truth, even within Christianity. He has infiltrated Christianity to a very dangerous extent where mainstream Christianity is now under his i…